From the Trenches Shirts Available Now

shirt olive drab

To start with, the shirts will go to those who donate $50 or more to From the Trenches World Report as a gift.  If the project goes well, the level of donation to receive the gift will decrease as we are able to make larger purchases.

These are high end Onno Hemp shirts comprising of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

We hope all will support this endeavor and give thanks to our brother Millard who has put the project together and financed it.  Eventually, we hope donations will pick up as we do need help in paying for the running of the site as advertising revenues have disappeared in the face of our onslant against the Zionists who control the commerce and currency in what was once our great nation.

We will never stop telling or water down the truth as long as this site and our broadcast remain up and running.  Help support us.  Support the truth.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we, the free nationals of the united States of the Americas, will prevail.

24 thoughts on “From the Trenches Shirts Available Now

  1. I want one! I first must get my husband’s approval, but I want one! Those are so nice and it will be nice to have one of these shirts that helps support From the Trenches. If nothing else I can say it will be an early birthday present for both of us (both our birthdays are in December) because I would like to get him one of these shirts too. Thanks brother Millard for your efforts in putting together and financing this project. Thanks to you brother Henry for your efforts in this great website ‘From the Trenches’.

  2. The olive drab photo doesn’t to that color justice. (at least on my computer screen) They should be available in Sept. Yes, Henry and I had to “tweek” the design a couple times but it was worth it. I will have both colors available although leaning towards the olive drab.

    1. We won’t be ordering the olive drab. LOL Hubby hates/ refuses to have anything that color, since leaving the Army. 😉

    2. I tend to like the lighter colored one but I think my husband would like the Olive one. I think the shirts look very nice and you and Henry did a great job on design. I like that 18th century patriot look of the hat and the musket. Really nice!

        1. Me too Angel, I think they are both nice. I can see how your husband wouldn’t care for the olive green one since he left the army. In his shoes I would feel the same way. The white cream colored would work for him I’ll bet! 🙂

          1. That would be enough to make anyone despise that army green color, they must have seen it everywhere for the years they were in service. I come from a career military family but my dad and relatives were in the Air Force and that color is blue. A lot of men, and women too really served this country in all the wars this country has been involved in.

  3. Hi Henry or Millard, I need to know how to order these shirts? I would like to put my order in but I don’t see where to order them. Thanks in advance because I sure would love to order two of them! 🙂

  4. Received our shirts today. Love them! Thanks so much Millard, Henry and Laura.

    Millard, cool packaging. I love cherry blossoms! 😉

  5. I like both colors, but don’t care for the bright yellow sun. It would’ve looked better with a reversed b.o. symbol. Instead of a sinking American flag, one that is rising. With that said, I’ll be getting the tan colored one soon. Would also like to see more put up for raffle with signatures.

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