From the Trenches under Cyberattack

From the Trenches World Report was blocked yesterday morning as a result of an unlawful attack upon our server.  All indications are that this is an unlawful government action.

We have managed to get our home page back up but our articles are still being blocked.  We will be working this problem until it is solved.  We will never back down and will be outlining the attack on our broadcast on Republic Broadcasting Network at 8:00 am Pacific today and on Militia Town Hall Meeting at 4:00 pm Pacific on Liberty Tree Radio.

This is an attack on our 1st Amendment and thus far, the “proper authorities” have failed to intervene, indicating that the “proper authorities” are behind the attack.  For more details, tune into the broadcasts.

5 thoughts on “From the Trenches under Cyberattack

      1. The good thing is, digger, it gave me some time to work on an article I’ve been meaning to do.
        Other than that, yeah, it was a long two days.

  1. Best news I have had all day also #1. Now to just to get my p.c. to send comments without shutting off all the time – this is the 5th time I have tried just to send this message It shuts off every 10 – 15 min. all of a sudden – all by itself. I wonder if Go Daddy doesn`t have something to do with that. My fire wall even has all of a sudden been disabled!!! @ NC It is good to have Henry and the Trenches back you guys, ___________ Ops My comment was posted at 4:31 I guess. pc shut off 2 times since that one!

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