16 thoughts on “Fukushima Radiation Elimination..facility in Oregon part 1 of 3

  1. Diggerdan would be proud of John Hutchinson cupping that pipe in his hand all baked! John Hutchinson, self taught genius, just happens to “get happy” every day. I don’t have a problem with him exploring inner space and bringing it out for all to see.

        1. Actually Wade., I learned of John Hutchinson from an episode of “Conspiracy Theory with Jessie Ventura.” That “Ray Gun” on top of that motorhome is a functioning EMF weapon. I believe it may be possible to watch the episode on Jewtube.

          1. I bought a dvd about 4 years ago titled “Radiation Solutions…To Help You Stay Alive”. It had a panel of ‘experts’ (most of whom I wouldn’t give two cents for) who talked about different solutions to negate the effects of radiation. The only one who has any credibility with me is Dr. Russell Blaylock.
            He explained that the Russians gave large doses of alpha lipoic acid to the teens & pre-teens in the Chernobyl area. Not only did ALL of their radiation levels return to normal, it was actually below normal in some cases.

            I’ve been taking it every day since Fukushima.

          2. Hey Mark… I NEVER shop WallyWorld, so not even a consideration. GNC.

            How ya doin’ ❓ 🙂

          3. Doin good #1,

            Same ol Same ol,

            Starting to think about maybe buying some land somewhere, nothing fancy but good water and sun. Just thinkin for now, Land is cheap if you know where to look. Seein good deals in the south and mid west. Even stuff in Yuma looks good.

          4. As long as it’s defensible, Mark.
            You should see this place. It’s awesome! So many places to bug out to from here.

            And FISHING!!! 😀 (Already got my license)

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