Gabby Giffords, Sandy Hook Mother Ask Children & Schools to Push Gun Control

School Gun Control PropagandaAmmoLand – by AWR Hawkins

Washington DC – -( Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords is teaming up with Sandy Hook mother Nicole Hockley to push gun control on the first anniversary of the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The crime took place on December 14, 2012, and beginning on November 14, 2013, Giffords and Hockley are encouraging schools to talk to students about “gun violence.”  

According to The Sacremento Bee, Giffords and Hockley are asking teachers to talk to K-12 students about“[responding] to tragedies like Newtown and working to prevent them from happening in the future.”

To this end, participating schools will have students trace the outline of one of their hands and write a sentence under the drawing beginning with the words, “I hope…” Students can then write things like “I hope no more tragedies happen,” or “I hope mom and dad are safe,” or the ever-popular “I hope Congress passes the Manchin/Toomey gun control bill.” 

Schools are then asked to display “these drawings in classrooms, hallways, and auditoriums.”

Said Giffords:

Stopping gun violence takes courage and new ideas. We are proud to bring students together to honor the lives lost in the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, and encourage them to envision an America that is both free and safe.

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6 thoughts on “Gabby Giffords, Sandy Hook Mother Ask Children & Schools to Push Gun Control

    Why should my rights be infringed because these people are retarded and are afraid of an inanimate object?

    1. LOL yes, but I don`t understand how she can hold any creadibility, after all she is brain damaged goods because of a bullet to the head. Just look at her, she is obviously brain damaged goods that is most likely unreliable because of a gun shot to the head seeing as to how much publicity that got. She is BS and unreliable because of being brain damaged , like I say ‘ just look at her”. She is damaged good for sure. I think she need the rubber room and a hand full of happy pills 🙂

      1. Better not give her to many of those happy pills she may go on a shooting rampage. Oh wait the guns her and husband own would have been doing the shooting in that case.

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