8 thoughts on “George Bush Blasts Snowden, Defends NSA Programs He Put In Place

  1. “George Bush Blasts Snowden, Defends NSA Programs He Put In Place.”

    Put in place for THEIR benefit, not OURS.

    Traitorous POS scumbag.

  2. The neo-cons needed this putz as a frontman so they could steal the election in 2000, without which they couldn’t pull off 9-11 because the security agencies under a Gore White House would have uncovered the treasonous plot. They would have been caught as terrorists, domestic, but as nobody contested the results (yet had it been a million-dollar contract Gore might still be pursuing it), they were able to pull off treachery. Now you’re getting Nazism where any threat will soon be liquidated, and it wouldn’t surprise me if when Bush Snr dies then Jnr, as a liability to all the plotters, will soon follow. Even he ain’t safe from them.

    1. Still falling for the old false left-right paradigm, eh Mick?

      IF Gore had been elected, NOTHING would have changed one iota. They grant you the ILLUSION of having differences. It’s all staged for those gullible enough to swallow it. They’re ALL controlled by the same Zionist masters, the ONLY thing that changes are the names.

      JFK was the last president we had who decided not to go along with the NWO’s program.

      They’ve used him as an example to those who’ve followed him ever since.

  3. Hey Bush, history has already judged you. We the people know some history, and you were and are a traitor to this country. We don’t need some HISTORIAN to write a book. You are history, go away, far away, and don’t embarrass us or yourself doing these interviews, you might want to hide somewhere.

  4. Does anyone else feel that Bush Jr. looks scared shitless in this interview and any other interview he’s in that questions what he did? It’s almost as if he’s got a gun pointed to his head by the elite controlling him and that if he says anything or slips up, he’s afraid he’ll be shot in the head. Just look at him in this interview. He can barely hold it together.

    Although, he is a traitor and completely the dumbest president in history, I believe, without a doubt, that Bush Jr. had no clue as to what was going on in his inner circle and was a mere puppet, even more so, than Obama and only did what his advisors told him to do.

    As we all know, the real president in office at that time was Dick Cheney, not Bush Jr. Bush Jr. was the fall guy and now he’s paying for it and he knows it.

    1. Also remember NC that bush is a convicted war criminal and he isn`t supposed to leave the country – or something like that isn`t it.?

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