Gerald Celente ~ How your Psychopathic leaders are preparing for the next World War

Published on Dec 20, 2013 by Gerald Celente

“Destroying one the last historical railroads within the Northeast for a “Rail Trail”, a federal judge questions “legality” of NSA phone records & how your psychopathic leaders are preparing for the next World War.”

“Riding The Catskill Rails”:…

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Recorded: 12/17/13.

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2 thoughts on “Gerald Celente ~ How your Psychopathic leaders are preparing for the next World War

  1. As much as I love Gerald Celente, does any else get the feeling that he is either very naive or uninformed of the fact that Russia is controlled opposition OR that he is almost like a spy or affiliated in some way with RT News, as he is always praising Russia and practically promoting RT News?

    In addition to that, he, like Dave Hodges, never mentions the Zionists and only “the Globalist bankers” and fails to understand that our country is a “Constitutional Republic” and not a “democracy” and that his promotion of “Democracy Now” goes against the Constitution of which he is trying to protect and helping others to wake up and restore.

    I know he is a “political atheist” and all and sees things from a “Trends” perspective, but I can’t help feeling that there’s this irritating feeling about him that I just can’t shake off. It’s so hard to trust anyone these days.

    Like me, he’s an Italian, but he has served as an adviser or an assistant to the undersecretary during a presidential administration before going off on his own and becoming “apolitical”. I want to believe that he is slightly uninformed about some things and means well, but I just can’t shake this feeling.

    Like Dave Hodges, he always denies that it is the Illuminati or the Zionists and doesn’t believe in secret societies or any groups of people like that and seems to lump everyone under “The Globalists bankers” category like AJ and Dave Hodges does, rather than going after anyone in particular or providing any solutions.

    Anyone else feel that way?

  2. Hadnt really thought about that before NC
    Seeing as he is mostly centered around money and precious metals I think that might be a reason why he talks about globalist bankers.

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