Germanwings Crash: Andreas Lubitz and the Corporate Media Motives!

This guy usually bluntly sums up what I think about these situations.
This plane crash doesn’t pass the sniff test for me.
Too much info, too early.
Every plane part is 9/11 flashback anyone?
Gee. Who hasn’t been doing what the USA/special partner(Israel) wants them to do in the last week or so regarding The Ukraine and monetary policy?
Oh, that’s right. Germany…and France…the EU.
And this plane was…German? What a “coincidence”?
This is a message.
“Organized Crime Coercion 101”.
It’s very obvious. Plus, they’ll get in some more shit about humans being unreliable, mental health, blah, blah, blah, etc.
This copilot could easily have been a “Manchurian Candidate” mind controlled zombie.
And…I haven’t seen the passenger/cargo manifest yet.
Maybe someone didn’t want cargo to get somewhere or certain passengers to arrive safely?
My default is BS until proven otherwise…and TPTB aren’t handling this well or in a normal fashion…at all.

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