Germany to sell 2 destroyer warships to Israel

One of Israel’s German-built Dolphin-class attack submarineAlalam

Germany plans to sell two battleship destroyers to the Israeli regime for one billion euros ($1.3 billion), a German-based daily reports.

The torpedo-carrying warships are to be used to “to protect Israeli pipelines,” major German newspaper, the Bild, reported Saturday but did not mention a source.

According to the report, the Tel Aviv regime’s national security adviser Yossi Cohen visited Berlin last week.  

Cohen’s visit to Berlin was confirmed by a German government spokeswoman, who declined to elaborate on the visit’s objectives and whether it was related to the weapon sale.

In past year Germany has sold Israel a number of heavily armed Dolphin diesel-electric attack submarines, after donating two of the war vessels to the regime in the 1990’s.

The European nation is reported to have partially subsidized its arms sales to the Israeli regime.


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5 thoughts on “Germany to sell 2 destroyer warships to Israel

    1. Not unexpected.

      Israhell needs more firepower if they ever expect to take on Iran. With the state of the economy ‘globally’, someone was bound to do it.

      That said, no it doesn’t excuse the insane folly of selling to the most evil cult to ever infest this planet of ours.


    2. Germany is still an occupied country. Its not like they can say no.
      Not unless they want more of their cities lit on fire.

  1. Mewonders if the powers that be haven’t funded all countries since pre world war one.And me further wonders if the countries aren’t run in the best interests of the citizenry but rather of the banks?And forgive me ignorance yet again but who won world war two but the Rothschild bankers who made the bullets through i.g. farben and never fired a shot nor donned a helmet?Ever heard of the Carlysle group?I guess it has something to do with the bushs and bin ladens.If you wanna bitch quit huntin’ the chickens and slay the turkeys who present themselves as eagles.

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