Published on Sep 3, 2016 by VICELAND

Welcome to Northeastern Ohio – the mecca of abandoned shopping malls. Rick visits these crumbling capitalist cathedrals to explore the aftermath with their most loyal customers.

3 thoughts on “Ghost Mall: ABANDONED

    1. hi NWO, boy wouldnt that be awesome? I always think about old buildings like Kodak, HP, and others that sit empty. They pay taxes on them, keep them heated and staff a guard. When i worked downtown Denver, there were many empty buildings a lot owned by Canada, i was told when i asked why empty so long. Was told Govt gave them money to sit empty! You are right, never happen. They could make them Vets homes for Homeless too.

      1. Hey Tess. 🙂
        It would be common sense to put them to such good use, but that is something the communists avoid like the plague (common sense AND good use – for anyone other than jews).

        However, IF there were mammon available to be extracted for such projects…

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