Giffords FAKE – Photographs Prove Her Famous Bullet Wound a Lie

Published on Jan 2, 2014 by livingonplanetZ

Giffords FAKE – Photographs Prove Her Famous Bullet Would is a Lie

Investigation into the fake public story, and the real background, of the supposed “Gabrielle Giffords Shooting”. The government run media did very little investigation into the real background of Giffords – nor did any seriously investigate the veracity of her “bullet wound” story. Unverified information propagated through the media echo chamber, as has been usual in the past. Nearly everyone was deceived.

Here you will see a real photo and investigative analysis of her story – and the SHOCKING truth revealed. This will lead later to an understanding of how this “shooting” fits neatly into a framework of later as well as earlier fakes.

See “The Fake Death Industry” on YouTube and other sites for more information on how death can be faked by criminals within government structures. See “Navy Yard Investigation Leads to the Truth About Stockton” for background on the possible connection between the Arapahoe “shooting”, and the supposed Stockton school shooting in California. Who and what Gabrielle Giffords really is, will soon also be revealed.

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8 thoughts on “Giffords FAKE – Photographs Prove Her Famous Bullet Wound a Lie

  1. I knew her bullet wound was a fake when I saw them carrying her on a stretcher while she was wide awake, not crying or in pain and there was not one drop of blood anywhere. Kinda like all of the other false flags. All really bad Hollywood acting and productions. It’s not rocket science.

  2. Thank you, DiggerDan, for posting this excellent video. I heard
    a young woman speak some months ago regarding the Oklahoma Federal Building flase flag, and she also had evidence that the Gifford shooting
    was another fake/phony!! So, I was already convinced after listening
    to her evidence that the shooting was fake.

    Thanks again for putting this video out where others can see it and
    know the truth. And for you scoffers, you would not know the truth
    if it hit you in the head!!!

  3. My apologies for not remembering the name and such, but I felt this entire thing was for another person…I think he was a judge? This wasnt about Gifford, they killed the other guy..I think a judge..cant remember..anyone that can remind me? I knew this from the start but there are so many lies out there I lose track..and too tired tonite to look it up…In fact, I think that is what they are doing to us…they are wearing us down..So be strong people.

    1. Yes, I remember that too. I believe the Judge was the real intended target for death. Do not have a clue what he did or why they wanted him killed.

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