2 thoughts on “Gil Scott Heron – His Story

  1. My favorite songs from him are The Bottle and Whiteys on the Moon…on youtube. It is a struggle but now there is a Black National Anthem same time in news with new movie Black Panther. In the words of one found floating in the pool ” Can’t we all just get along?”

    1. I support all ethnic nationals; I pray they support me 😉 I wish he had learned about the jew more. Certainly he must have known to a degree. He is of a different time. He is a serious point of strength and vulnerability for his people. His views on race evolved dramatically as he aged imho.

      I got to see him play just before he died. Very lucky! I was walking around and noticed his name on the marquee. I also studied his poetry at university. Because of his general view (of Whites being the bad guys,) he was very popular with radical liberals…. He had a hard life. I still have never listened to his last album because it appeared to be SO dark. Someday I’ll learn it.

      I actually wanted to post a different one of his, but the topic was so on point with what Henry was talking about concerning the settling of the west, I had to switch for this one. I have another one in mind that you may really appreciate.

      He was known as The Godfather of Rap.

      Watch some of his interviews.

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