GOP Lawmaker Warns Educating Prisoners Could Lead To A ‘Breaking Bad’ Situation

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A New York State Assemblyman is warning against a bill that will make college courses available for inmates again, saying such rehabilitation efforts will lead to a “Breaking Bad” situation.

Jim Tedisco, an upstate Republican, issued a statement Tuesday with several references to the popular television series, in which a chemist-turned-teacher teams up with a high school dropout in the meth business.  

“This is definitely ‘Breaking Bad’ by potentially turning a bunch of Jesse Pinkmans into Walter Whites -– all on the taxpayer’s dime,” Tedisco said. “Soon we will be the only state where honesty and hard work are trumped by being a bad criminal. Only in New York. When can New Yorkers wake up from this nightmare?”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo had announced the plan on Sunday. It aims to reduce recidivism rates with the help of state funded college courses for prison inmates.

Tedisco’s opposition resonated with several other lawmakers, including Sen. Greg Ball (R-Patterson).

“In a world of finite resources, where we are struggling to find funding for education for our kids, the last thing New York state should be funding is college tuition for convicts,” Ball said in a statement.

Inmates were once eligible for college tuition assistance, but the program was halted by former Republican Gov. George Pataki.

A recent study published by RAND in 2013 found inmates who participated in such higher learning courses had as much as a 13 percent reduced risk of reincarceration. Furthermore, the study found investing in correctional education can be cost-effective for the state.

According to Cuomo, the initiative would actually bring down inmate costs. He pointed to state data showing New York already spending $60,000 on every individual inmate and $3.6 billion in total costs to operate prisons annually.

“However, it costs approximately $5,000 per year to provide one year of college education for one inmate,” Cuomo said Sunday. “Current studies have shown that by earning college degrees, inmates are far less likely to return to prison.”

Correction: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated Jim Tedisco was a congressman. This has since been corrected.

9 thoughts on “GOP Lawmaker Warns Educating Prisoners Could Lead To A ‘Breaking Bad’ Situation

  1. Rehabilitation means “to restore to useful life, as through therapy and education” or “to restore to good condition, operation, or capacity”.(The American Heritage Dictionary, 2009)
    So if we educate them we will turn them into Walter Whites?

  2. Half of those people in prison are innocent. How can you commit a drug crime when it’s your so-called government who keeps pumping it into the system? Another gestimated 25 percent have been set up by the elites as fall guys to avoid disruption of their cocaine trade. And, when’s the last time you heard anybody mention the “Mexican Drug War” which started in 2007? Better to educate Americans than foreign infiltrators.


  3. Re radio show at 4:50 p.m. question, off topic, too lazy to send email:

    Obama is a King. They placed the crown on his head just as they did with Pablo Escobar and gave them full authority to do whatever they chose to do. It’s a hard concept to get used to, but, get used to it. He’s not a dictator. He’s not an usurper. He DID NOT take over this country by force. These politicians are in for a very very rude awakening if what I’m seeing is real. I served Escobar, a Foreign King on American soil over thirty years ago. Wrap your minds around this, folks. He is “King Obama.”


  4. And so is this so called college education supposed to get them inmates a job when they get out HA HA HA HA HA yea right. Prison is for punishment and there is absolutely no rehab one bit in the prison systom and that is the bottom line.
    I would also like to know where they come up with that figure of $60,000 . a year per inmate. That is a big laugh. I would like to see where they come up with that figure.

  5. “Only in New York. When can New Yorkers wake up from this nightmare?”

    Oh, oh, oh….. I know the answer to THAT question……

    When ALL of you traitorous pieces of sh#t are swinging on the gallows.

  6. On a side note, I’ve been told by at least a half a dozen people that I look like the lead character on that show – the one with the shaved head.

    Couldn’t tell you his name, though, as I NEVER watch t.v.

    1. Angel would be the one to ask, since she’s the only one here who has a photo of me. 🙂

      (If she’s ever seen the show, that is).

  7. What college is offering Meth-making 101?

    Besides, as diggerdan pointed out, there really aren’t enough jobs to absorb the college graduates already available. Perhaps teaching ex-cons a craft trade, such as carpentry, auto mechanics, plumbing, etc. could be a viable teaching alternative?

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