2 thoughts on “Government Funded

  1. Great one Digger!!!! 🙂 How true this is as I get ready on April 15th to write that fricking check to those b tards. And the b tards of this State, and not including the city tax, parish tax, school tax that I pay every year on our house in the city, and you know what is funny, that 12 acres we own out in agriculture land, the taxes last year were $14.93. My 0.47 acre lot with house in the city was $1700. Big difference!! So I am tired of these taxes, there are taxes on everything, soon there will be a bathroom tax. Oh no we see you have exceeded your bathroom allotments we need to charge you for that. Being sarcastic!! 🙂

    1. Oh yes Missy, I know what ya mean when it comes to those damned taxes.
      I have a trailer house on 5 acres and my taxes are only $675. or so a year, if I took the wheels off it and put it on a foundation or on a basement my taxes here would go up to about $2500. + a year just because of taking the tires off and putting it on a foundation.

      Yes Missy and Bulldog, you guys are really gonna love it out there in the country with no neighbors and with some acreage guarenteed. You guys will probobly will never want to go back into town again.

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