4 thoughts on “Graham: “President Obama delusional on Iraq”

  1. …Graham and Obama and the Bush, Cheney, Clinton legacy is one of theft, lies, treason and delusion…but now Graham wants to do something? How about you charge and convict all of these traitors and start hanging them Senator Graham…oops….I forgot…you would have to hang with them…wouldn’t you Senator..? Traitor…..


  2. Dont be too harsh…I truly love graham crackers and milk like a cereal thing…yummy… and on a side note, look up graham crackers on wikipedia. Man we learn something new everyday dont we? I just looked it up and yikes…
    its funny when you read how graham crackers were considered a good food awhile back, but not anymore because now they are full of shyte…they should call them lindsey graham crackers now 🙂
    And not sure if I said this already, but after the boiling coca cola article I boiled some beer…It just evaporated the same as water…lol..I tell you guys, after 911 and seeing how bad the lies were I became a student of learning…It is such a shame that our lives have been so wasted because of lies and indoctrination…not anymore tho for me, I am starting kindergarten at 56 years old.

    1. …my real education began before I was five years old…as I attempted to run away from home at the age of five…after having been speared in the chest with a pair of pointed nose pliers at the age of four…by my corrupt-cop-Dad…and having liquid soap poured down our mouths by our eventual corrupt-court-clerk mother…the system has been a sham for a long time…and after 24 years of being a “federally protected whistle blower” for US DoD…the lessons have just kept pouring…

      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

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