6 thoughts on “Grand Funk Railroad – I’m Your Captain

  1. i can only hope that once this jew communist tumor is removed from this country that people will be free to express themselves with music like this . no more of this jew controlled crap . true freedom knows no boundreis .

  2. digger,

    you post such good music, that when I have a party to welcome my husband and brother in-law back home from their federal cage, I’m going to hire you to be my dj. I can’t pay you in FRN’s though. I hope beers will do. 😉

  3. remember when I told you I only pick the best songs to copy? this is one of them… yikes, bridge of sighs, and another song here I cant remember now, and this song… I love you guys..I know how to play this song well..Its easy.
    Mark Farner started doing Christian music did you know that?

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