14 thoughts on “All Grandfather Shivley had to do to change his spark plugs was lift the hood….mmmm progress?

  1. Oh yes…. definite progress, but for whom?

    Cars made today are built to be intentionally difficult to repair or maintain, because the car companies wanted all the money being made by backyard mechanics, and the local gas stations, all of which did repair work, too. Until fairly recently, every gas station also had a garage right next to the office.

    Then we saw the arrival of “Mr. Goodwrench”, who did the same repairs for twice the price, followed by the voiding of warranties if the car were fixed by anyone else.

    Computer chips serve the same purpose. Only the dealer can decipher the diagnostic information that’s displayed by various combinations of dashboard lights, making it more difficult for anyone to fix the car when something went wrong.

    There have been no major improvements in the functionality of automobiles in decades (with the possible exception of anti-lock brakes), but they’re twice as complicated, and components that need regular maintenance (like spark plugs) are now inaccessible.

    American cars were always built with a tradition of expected owner maintenance and repair. The Japanese entered the American market by providing cars that required less of the owner-operator. American companies followed suit, and also made an attempt to put all independent mechanics out of business. It’s no accident that it’s now almost impossible to fix your own car, and none of the new complications provided any improvements other than comfort, and gadgetry.

    My truck is 30 years old, has no computerized components, and I’m keeping it on the road until I’m forced to switch to the horse and buggy.

  2. Yeah, I hate what has been done to motor vehicles. While there are admittedly some advantages to computerizing some of the components (reduced wear, better gas mileage, etc.), I’d still rather have a vehicle I could work on myself.

    I think the desire to destroy privacy is a major factor behind the push to computerize and automate cars. The ability of citizens to travel anonymously is something the Police State really, really wants to do away with. They’re not going to succeed, though.

  3. Government regulation RUINED the Diesel engine (Ford Powerstroke 6.0, 6.4, 6.7L, GM duramax, Cummins 5.9L, RUINED the modern car and truck in general. You can’t buy a large station wagon like the 1971 Buick Estate Station wagon with a 455 engine. CAFE. What the hell is that???

    You have more vehicle choice freedom in Russia. Believe it or not.

  4. I had a 98 Buick Century where you must pivot the entire engine forward on the front motor mounts to reach the rear spark plugs or do a bunch of disassembly.

    1. Yep. 96 La Sabre, disassembling the front motor mount and jacking the motor, just to change the serpentine belt.

  5. We really need to embrace the advancements in automobile technology that has made our lives more efficient.
    For instance….
    I’m designing a new car operating system for your safety.

    It basically can sense when you have had to much to drink.

    The AI pulls your car to the side of the road.
    Locks all the doors and windows like a bait car.

    Then dials 911 for the police.
    Calls a AAA tow truck.
    Contacts a local defense attorney and the DA.
    Then automatically puts you on a court calendar for a trial date.
    Then gives you a reputable contact number for a bail bondsman.

    I’m still working on the logic of whether you have money to pay for your infraction.

    If you don’t. ..

    The police just shoot you dead there.

    The car is towed.
    The county coroner is contacted along with next of kin.
    Then funeral arrangements are automatically made on fakebook.

    Isn’t technology great…?

    1. How about,if it senses you’ve had to much to drink and you’re broke,it automatically loads your.45 and jacks one in the chamber……

      1. That’s in the emergency roadside assistance hazard option.
        It includes a punch..hammer and .45 with 4 clips.
        Pops out of the fake air bag compartment.
        People usually don’t pay for that option.
        Because they have a false sense of security.
        But it is definitely an option if you can afford it.


  6. If I can think it.
    It can be done.
    Just be glad I’m on your side.
    Just take this as a warning of what our children and grandchildren will have to deal with when we’re not here anymore.

  7. Can’t beat cars from the fifties (or older) for engine compartment space to work in.

    Hope you got ‘er fixed, Henry.

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