Grocers Stockpile, Build ‘Pandemic Pallets’ Ahead of Winter

Wall Street Journal

Grocery stores and food companies are preparing for a possible surge in sales amid a new rise in Covid-19 cases and the impending holiday rush.

Supermarkets are stockpiling groceries and storing them early to prepare for the fall and winter months, when some health experts warn the country could see another widespread outbreak of virus cases and new restrictions. Food companies are accelerating production of their most popular items, and leaders across the industry are saying they won’t be caught unprepared in the face of another pandemic surge.

Southeastern Grocers LLC secured holiday turkeys and hams over the summer, months before it normally starts inventory planning, said Chief Executive Anthony Hucker. And grocery wholesaler United Natural Foods Inc. has loaded up on extra inventory of cranberry sauce, herbal tea and cold remedies, said President Chris Testa.

“We started talking about Thanksgiving in June. That’s earlier than we ever have,” he said.

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8 thoughts on “Grocers Stockpile, Build ‘Pandemic Pallets’ Ahead of Winter

  1. I’ll treat your next plandemic surge as I’ve treated the first one; with no regard. Gone maskless everywhere cuz I know you can’t deprive me of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. You haven’t provided that process so up yours and up your plandemic butts!

    1. Oh, & I have plenty of old shirts to wipe with just in case the TP flies off the shelves.
      As for food, I know how to forage, so stick your plandemic.

      1. Katie, if you eat meat, be sure to get a presto or any brand pressure canner.
        Buy wide mouth pint jars , chicken, turkey or beef and it is easy to do and well worth doing, especially if you run out of pet food, it will keep for years.
        Remember “food is a weapon” be prepared. Stay strong and vigilant!

  2. While I don’t have room for a pallet of food I sure do have a bunch.

    Gotta try a holiday turkey. Normally I just get a turkey and eat it on thanksgiving. I wonder if these new ones taste more festive.

  3. “Holiday turkeys” are like a party in your mouth.

    What a slap in the face, and that’s a gross understatement of what these scumbags are doing.

    A fake-arse food shortage from a fake-arse plandemic resulting in real-arse starvation.

    Mf’s need to PAY

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