Gun Bill Defeat is Not Enough

The New American – by William A. Levinson

Catherine the Great once demanded of her favorite commander, Aleksandr V. Suvorov, why he had allowed defeated enemy soldiers to escape. “I wanted to kill or capture every last one,” he admitted, “but pity stayed my hand.”  

“You are not known for pity toward my enemies,” the Empress replied.

“It was a pity that I had no fresh cavalry at hand,” Suvorov explained.

The story may be apocryphal, but it illustrates Suvorov’s highly successful principle perfectly: never fight the same men twice. The attack with cold steel involved sharp objects with angry Russian soldiers behind them crashing not into but through the enemy, and it caused the opposing soldiers to turn their backs and run. The Cossacks’ horses could run faster, which gave the fugitives no choice but to hand over their weapons and flags if they wanted to live. The word “retreat” was blasphemous, and even the command to halt was reputedly given only on the parade ground.

Sweden’s Caroleans (Karoliner, soldiers of King Charles) also relied almost entirely on offense to overthrow their enemies. Gustavus Adolphus added cavalry known as Hakkapeliitta, from the Finnish war cry hakkaa päälle, or “Chop them up!” This is what we must now do the enemies of the Second Amendment, as opposed to allowing them to survive politically to fight another day — which the Glorious Leader and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have already pledged to do.

Incrementalists Must be Stopped: Period

Incrementalism is the process whereby an aggressor extorts one seemingly small concession after another, which is how Hitler acquired all of Czechoslovakia before his prospective victims finally realized that they had to fight him. Only a fool believes that negotiation or appeasement make an incrementalist’s words, whether “Today Germany, tomorrow the world,” or Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s(D-IL, wife of convicted felon Robert Creamer) “assault weapons today, handguns tomorrow” mean anything other than what they say. The appropriate response to the recent attempt, and success in Connecticut and New York, to emasculate the Second Amendment is the moral equivalent of total war against the perpetrators as endorsed by General Curtis Lemay.

I would stop short at the application of hakkaa päälle only when it comes to genuine crime victims like Gabrielle Giffords and the families of the Sandy Hook victims whom the Glorious Leader is exploiting for his cynical propaganda circus. Common decency entitles them to empathy, although not acquiescence to their misguided agenda. They are also entitled to know the brutal statements from gun control advocates Ed Rendell and Michael Bloomberg to the effect that mass shootings are desirable because they promote support for gun control legislation. The families of Adam Lanza’s victims need to take a long, hard, and cold look at the statements shown below.

We cannot, of course, use nuclear weapons (as advocated by Lemay) or even conventional ones to settle political disputes in a civilized nation. The legal and nonviolent destruction of entire organizations is, however, on the table, and the same goes for political careers. In 2000, I helped expose the anti-Second Amendment Million Mom March’s misuse of tax-exempt money for electioneering. It was not my intention to debate our Constitutional rights with the group, which had a no-debate policy anyway. It was not my intention to merely stop the Million Mom March temporarily. It was my intention to destroy the Million Mom March as an organization by discrediting it to the point where its own members, donors, and corporate sponsors walked away from it in disgust. The organization liquidated in October 2001, and its current incarnation is not the same corporate entity.

Next Target: Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) can and should be next on the list. It has at least three strikes against it that can pressure its members to walk away from it the way the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America walked away from the Million Mom March.

(1) The Justice Department warned Mayor Bloomberg that his amateur sting efforts against law-abiding gun dealers bordered on a felony (straw gun purchases), although they did not apparently cross that line. Who wants to associate with a Kim Jong Un wannabe who brings the people who work for him this close to charges and records that could ruin their lives and careers?

(2) More than 1 percent of MAIG’s members have been indicted for, or convicted of, crimes including felonies such as sexual misconduct with minors and misdemeanors such as reckless endangerment involving a firearm.

(3) MAIG published an apparently fraudulent advertisement that featured a purported “gun owner” who posed with a shotgun pointed in an unsafe direction, and with the action closed so it was not possible to see whether there was a live round inside.

We might not be able to convince the mayors of places like Los Angeles or Chicago, whose voters march in lock-step with the likes of Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Andrew Cuomo, to resign from MAIG. Mayors of small and medium towns are another matter. Harry Moore, the Mayor of Fredricktown NJ, has already quit because of Bloomberg’s vigilante gun stings.

Destroy the Enemy With His Own Propaganda

Suppose that somebody said of the terrorist bombing in Boston, “The good thing about the bombing is that it is so horrific that it may get us to rethink our immigration and naturalization laws.” Decent people would dismiss that individual as a ghoul who exploits a human tragedy for political gain. Former Pennsylvania Governor and Democratic National Committee head Ed Rendell, however,said essentially the same thing about Adam Lanza’s crime: “The good thing about Newtown is, it was so horrific that I think it galvanized Americans to a point where the intensity on our side is going to match the intensity on their side.” Rendell has, therefore, converted Rahm Emanuel’s “Never let a good crisis go to waste” into “Never let a dead child go to waste.” Mayor Michael Bloomberg, meanwhile, expressed an apparent wish for more firearm-related mass murders for the same purpose:

“No, I think that’s right this time. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to come back again,” Bloomberg said. “Keep in mind we’re likely to have more tragedies like you saw in Connecticut. Each one of these builds on things.”

We must throw these statements in the enemy’s face at every possible opportunity, and not let up until the enemy no longer poses a threat. Remember the Duke of York’s statement after he killed the Duke of Somerset at St. Albans in King Henry VI: “Sword, hold thy temper; heart be wrathful still. Priests pray for enemies, but princes kill.” The defeat of the latest attack on the Second Amendment, as championed by the likes of Dianne Feinstein and the Glorious Leader, is not the end of the conflict, but only the beginning. A lot of work remains until it is over.

William A. Levinson, P.E. is the author of several books on business management including content on organizational psychology, as well as manufacturing productivity and quality.

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