GUN CONTROL: California Senate Passes Bill Requiring Permit to Buy Ammo

California-Passes-Ammo-Permit-Fee-1110x400Secrets of the Fed – by Mikael Thalen

Once again, Sacramento proves that to go really over-the-top, you’ve got to go to Democrat California:

The California Senate this week approved a collection of bills, including one (SB 53) that would require background checks, permits, and fees for the purchase of ammunition.  

All ammunition sales would have to be face-to-face, happening only in the presence of a store clerk; and vendors selling the bullets would have to submit sales records to the California Department of Justice. Those vendors also would need a permit to sell ammunition.

Kira Davis notes that SB 53 also “requires background checks and a $50 ammo purchase fee.”

It wasn’t that long ago that I saw Dick Durbin on one of the Sunday shows, with the stuff-eating grin on his face, joked about taxing bullets until they cost a hundred or a thousand dollars apiece.

Wish I could find that video, but no one seems to have grabbed it.

So if you think something like this can happen only in California — think again.

31 thoughts on “GUN CONTROL: California Senate Passes Bill Requiring Permit to Buy Ammo

  1. This will serve the same purpose as gun registration. Once you buy ammo, there will be a record of it and they will know (at least) what caliber of guns you have.

    Then they will know what to look for after kicking down your door.

    1. Yes, you may need a permit to buy ammo but do ya have to have a gun to get a ammo permit? Just thinking ya know.

    2. “We’re here to seize your guns. Where is your. 357?”
      “Sorry, I only have this .38 super.”

      “Oh, alrighty then, we’ll be going now.”

      “Aren’t you seizing my guns?”

      “Gun, sir. Says here you only have a. .357”


      “Well, sorry to trouble you…bye!”

      Another gun-control failure from the cops looking for “the wrong gun”. Registered ammo makes everybody safer(tm)

  2. California is a large but narrow state. Most places $50 will be more expensive than the gas for a round trip over the state border – especially if you split it with a few buddies.

    Great business opportunity for opening an ammo shop just across the border.

  3. I live in California and care not about their laws anymore. It is very clear we have a criminal, unconstitutional government that does not serve the people.

    1. I live not in California anymore having recently had enough and left. I strongly suggest getting out of that state while you still can. Once they manage to outlaw weapons entirely everyone else who isn’t a member of the state (mafia) government will be getting shot at by cops and gangsters. Same difference other than some wear baggies and others wear badgies.

  4. As with all leftwing, hare – brain ideas, this will do nothing but boost ammo sales in adjacent states.
    Between the Sandy Hooknose gun grab theater hoax & all of the rest of these acts of desperation by our government to render us defenseless, it is time to stock up & stop wasting ammo at the ranges.
    The more they want us disarmed, the more we should worry about why.

  5. WHY DO THEY WANT YOU DISARMED?its simple really,CALIFORNIAS daddy OBAMA sold america to the chinese for 275 trillion dollars,they have collected haft the money,BUT to get the other haft they got to disarm everyone,THE NATO troops are here to help them,SO if anyone comes to your house to take your weapons,remember its slave labor camps for you,and your family,and the camps will be full to,cause most americans will do all the wrong things,NIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME,the police gangs will be helping them,remember I told you that……………………………

    1. …black powder, casings, anything relating to guns…
      Just watch…its coming…they’re TRYING it.
      It is all about Control.

      1. Yep Angel, The time is getting close for wtshtf….. Just wondering again, but has there ever been anything about homemade wooden bullets?, again, just thinking. Might not be a bad idea maybe ya know 🙂

        1. I can see it…
          Wooden bullets fall under “related or pertaining to guns”
          Next, bows & arrows, knives, …

          1. Ya know Angel, the PTB can try and try to make all the laws that they want, but our American ingenuity – especially the good guys here on FTT, we will always come up with something 🙂 🙂 :). Darn right we will, don`t ya think Angel? I am sure we will 🙂

        2. My homemade lead bullets work a whole lot better. Wood bullets won’t even penetrate a 2 ply bedsheet at 20 yards.

  6. IF your not a girly man,you’ll understand what I’am saying,your about to lose the whole country,RED DAWN,foreign troops are coming into america by the hundreds of thousands as we speak,NOW I would tell you to get ready, the police gangs will be coming to disarm you before their arrival,DO NOT GIVE THEM anything,unless its small,if they get your weapons,YOU WILL be dead this time next year,and maybe your family too,DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN,get ready to BUG OUT NOW,the 4th of july looks like something big is happening,we got russian troops up the ass everywhere in colorado in the mountains,SO BE CAREFUL and know they maybe in your mountains to,and they got great night vision equipment,be sure to grab it……………………….

    1. Yep and remember that obama is ending his African trip on July 3rd. Something is happening and soon.

    2. Are you back again?

      How’s that ‘uncle’ who escaped from the ‘concentration’ camp doing these days?

  7. An article on – Steve Quayle – reports that when Hilary last visited China as Secretary of State – she was told to tell China that they can “attack” America as soon as the dollar collapses. This is interesting for the following reason ….

    Some Catholic prophecies have mentioned that soon, very soon, civil war and revolution will suddenly break out in Europe and America; when all is in chaos Russia and China attack. Russia with all the Muslim nations attacks and overruns all of Europe with men and arms, missiles and planes that the world never knew they were amassing. Russia and China with some allies attack America according to these mystics:

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    5. CALIFORNIA: A one million man Chinese surprise amphibious landing on the West Coast “with help from within our own government” – Obama’s Marxists. They take up to the Rockies, committing numerous slaughters before we drive them back into the ocean after 6-12 months.
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    Much more these mystics have warned and that these events are very, very close to happening. They will happen so fast that even the governments will be astonished at their quickness and violence. Obama’s job was to prepare America for a Marxist Dictatorship.

    You might also read or google: WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe – which is a list of mystics describing what is going to happen in Europe.

    Get out of the cities, or find a cabin, cottage, relative, farm, somewhere to go to when all breaks out, even the DHS is now making plans to seal off the cities in event of certain things happening – then you will have only a short time to get out.

  8. Who’s going to be the first to organize a 50 million person vigil across the nation? Boycott all the business owned by the Stock Holders of the Federal Reserve. Stand your ground & EXPOSE all Elitists you can identify—-it’s not hard…..The Fight for Liberty & Freedom MUST BE YOUR HIGHEST PRIORITY

  9. It is nothing but control the people. We need more guns to protect our self from criminal evils in our ” government”

      1. As if all the radiation from Fukushima, and the heavy chemtrailing here isn’t bad enough, now this cr@p!!!

  10. All prohibition ever does is create industry for organized crime and they will provide ‘bootleg’ imported ammo or ‘moonshine’ home-made. While firearms are still around the ammo will be in demand, and a well-made weapon that is properly looked after will still be safe to fire when it’s decades old.

    Ammo registration is unlikely to put an end to personal weapons and it may bring unregistered weapons into an area along with the unregistered ammo.

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