Gun Control? Gangs And Thieves Target Law Enforcement To Steal Weapons

Before It’s News – by Monica Davis

People are under the delusion that if guns and weapons are banned, or when buyers have to go through background checks and licensing, that all the evil people will be without guns and life in the United States will return to the peaceful days of a century ago.


Thieves steal guns. They steal them from pawnshops. They steal them from homeowners. They steal them from national guard armories. They buy and sell them through crooked soldiers. And–drum roll, please: they steal them from SWAT.   

In Phoenix, there’s a $6,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of theives who tore apart an arms dealer’s store to get to the guns. They stole 13 rifles from a gun store.


Last week a thief had a field day in one Texas town:

 Cleburne police are searching for a suspect who stole a rifle, ammunition and other police gear some time between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The suspect broke into one of the police department’s buildings and took SWAT team gear, including bulletproof vests and distraction devices, police said. All the equipment was stored in a locked case.  MOREHERE

A teenager reportedly stole a bunch of weapons from an FBI  VEHICLE! According to  local news sources,  the teen  was charged with allegedly stealing weapons from an FBI trailer in Andover, near Boston:

The weapons, a Colt M16-A1 Rifle and a HS Precision Series 2000 Sniper Rifle, were stolen from a FBI SWAT vehicle parked at an agent’s home in Andover sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning during a series of vehicle break-ins in the neighborhood.  MOREHERE ​

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Now, in an interesting twist on word play, one Ron Paul forum reader noted how, when the military or cops own weapons, they are “high powered” weapons, but the same weapon, when owned by private citizens become “assault rifles.” FYI

From coast to coast, thieves have been stealing weapons from police and military agencies. There are even organized gangs in the military that steal weapons and sell them domestically–sometimes to urban gangs.

Arizona authorities say gun shops and pawn shops are getting hit: “The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office said 13 handguns, four rifles and two shotguns were stolen from Apache Arms located at 915 Arizona Ranger Trail between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Sept. 11.”MOREHERE

In a single town, a thousand guns are stilen  every year–and those are the ones being reported to police.

Guns are being stolen in Fayetteville at an alarming rate, Police Chief Harold Medlock says.

Figures from the Police Department show that at least 2,179 guns were stolen in the city between 2010 and 2012, an average of nearly two a day. And while police have dedicated a unit to getting guns off the streets for more than a year now, it has seized only a fraction of the number of guns stolen in recent years. MOREHERE

Let’s not forget to mention all those thieving guys and girls from the military. Despite their heroric image, not all Navy SEALS are good guys. Like their civilian counterparts, some are thieves: Media sources are reporting that a 23 year old navy SEAL, Petty Officer 2nd Class David Karl Becker was charged, after allegedly selling ammunition, grenades and armor piercing rounds to an undercover agent out of his home.

According to sources: The Navy’s undercover NCIS agent contacted  the SEAL in November and arrranged to purchase two grenades for $500. According to  court documents, the agent later returned and bought 200 rounds of armor piercing ammunition for $1,025. The agent also purchased  two gas masks that the seller said were issued only to special operation personnel.

Thefts from millitary installations have been going on for years. ‘As far back as the Branch Davidian investigation, miitary personnel have been supplytng the black market and extremist community with weapons

According to a federal report, there are many  levels of thieves and buyers. How much has changed since this report, before the various military operations in the Middle East? Many weapons thieves get discovered by accident according to the General Services Administration. (GSA)

These thieves are stealing semi-automatic rifles right off the trucks–EN ROUTE TO POLICE AGENCIES!

 A shipment of AR-15 Colt Law Enforcement Carbines left Hartford, Conn., home of Colt Manufacturing, on a truck headed south, but some of the guns on board the truck were missing when the truck was inspected in its final destination of Shreveport, La. The missing guns have yet to be recovered. MOREHERE

And they are targeting cops and law enforcement officials, as well.

Gang members acquire so-called “assault weapons” and steal military equipment. This poses a significant threat because of the potential to engage in lethal encounters with law enforcement officers and civilians. Typically firearms are acquired through illegal purchases; straw purchases via surrogates or middle-men, and thefts from individuals, vehicles, residences and commercial establishments. Gang members also target military and law enforcement officials, facilities, and vehicles to obtain weapons, ammunition, body armor, police gear, badges, uniforms, and official identification. In 2009, suspected gang members in Broward County and West Palm Beach, Florida burglarized nearly a dozen marked and unmarked law enforcement vehicles stealing firearms, ballistic vests, and police identification.

More than a dozen people arrested in a Camp Pendleton sting.  Military grade rifles, grenades and other high grade weapons were confuscated–and dozens were arrested.VIDEO HERE

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  1. Quote from the beginning of the article:
    “and life in the United States will return to the peaceful days of a century ago.”

    Life was not peaceful a century ago. Life is and was never peaceful.

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