Gun control is the politics of oppression

Bob Owens

Why is it that the gun control laws being proposed around this nation by Democrats have such well-defined targets? The truth of the matter is that gun control has always been politically-motivated, is driven by the oppression of one or more minority groups, and is often directed by racial hatred.

It is no accident that the cities and states with the greatest amount of gun control in the United States are those where rich white Democrats wanted to assure their dominance over minorities they secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) viewed as little more than vermin.  

Today, overt racism is less the trigger for Democratic gun control efforts than it once was, largely because it has been instituted and normalized in urban enclaves where liberals have taken root.

Instead, today’s gun control effort is more a battle of urban liberals against moderate-to-conservative suburban and rural Americans. You doubt me? Look at the laws being proposed on the state and national levels.

Who purchases the vast majority of semi-automatic rifles that are the primary target of current gun control efforts?

Law-abiding, middle-aged, politically moderate-to-conservative people with middle-classincomes. Less than 400 rifles of any kind are used in crimes in a year, despite the fact there are millions legally owned and used.

Who purchases the vast majority of standard-capacity magazines?

Purchasers of service-size handguns and rifles that use a standard capacity magazine of 15-30 rounds are law-abiding, middle-aged, politically moderate-to-conservative people with middle-class incomes. Criminals prefer small, concealable firearms and sawed-off shotguns, where magazine capacity is not often a factor.

Who would be affected by expanded background checks and registration?

Decades of data show that criminals obtain their firearms through criminal activity, primarily straw purchases by family members that don’t have a criminal record, and theft. An expansion of background checks only affects law-abiding, middle-aged, politically moderate-to-conservative people with middle-class incomes, who are those most likely to conduct private sales to family and friends.

The bottom line?

Having largely disarmed law-abiding minorities in urban areas and making them prey for criminals,  today’s gun control zealots at the state and federal level largely target law-abiding, middle-aged, politically moderate-to-conservative people with middle-class incomesas a punitive measure for their political and cultural views.

It is a punishment by those wealthy urban liberals who imagine themselves “better” than the average American.


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