Gun control measures approved by N.J. Assembly committee despite protests – by Matt Friedman/The Star-Ledger

TRENTON — An overflow crowd of gun-rights advocates clashed with Democratic lawmakers today during a raucous seven-hour hearing as an Assembly committee approved 20 bills that further restrict access to firearms and ammunition.

The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee approved the laundry list of measures despite some outbursts from a throng dotted with NRA baseball caps, camouflage clothing and jackets featuring a coiled rattlesnake from the Revolutionary-era flag. At least two in the audience were ejected.

The lengthy hearing marked the opening round of what promises to be an election-year battle in New Jersey. Democrats have been critical of Gov. Chris Christie’s reticence on gun control, and are well aware that statewide polls that show a majority of residents favor more stringent measures in the wake of the massacre in Sandy Hook, Conn., that left 20 elementary school children dead.

“This plan … is surely a knee-jerk reaction that doesn’t even come close to touching the real issue that’s behind the death and destruction,” said Helene Henkel, a Middletown resident active in conservative causes. “Let’s not put more bogus laws on the books. We should be cleaning up the books.”

Gun-rights advocates turned out by the hundreds to confront the Democrat-led committee, packing the hearing room and booing when they thought they weren’t being taken seriously. The crowd also spilled out of a room intended for the overflow, and many gathered outside the Statehouse to protest.

But the show of force did not sway Democrats, who voted to send the bills to the full Assembly for a vote next week. Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen) said she was working to shepherd the bills through her chamber, although it was not clear whether the Senate will take up all the measures.

The legislation, intended bolster New Jersey’s strict gun laws, ranged from reducing the maximum capacity of magazines from 15 to 10 (A1329) to a symbolic resolution urging Congress to enact more gun-control measures (A3797).

“Whether it’s the streets of New Jersey communities, a movie theater in Colorado or an elementary school in Connecticut, enough is enough is enough,” said the committee chairman, Charles Mainor (D-Hudson). “No more talk. It’s time for action.”

Other bills would require ammunition sales to be conducted in person (A3645), disqualify those included on the federal terrorist watch list from buying guns (A3687) and require the seizure of guns from people who mental health professional deem a threat to themselves or others (A3754).

Republicans generally voted against the measures, although Assemblyman Sean Kean (R-Monmouth) supported several. Conversely, most Democrats voted in favor of the measures. Yet splitting with his colleagues, Assemblyman Nelson Albano (D-Cumberland) joined Republicans to vote against most of the bills.

The committee unanimously approved one bill both sides agreed on — the codification of regulations banning the public release of gun owners’ information (A3788), a response to a controversial move by a Westchester County, N.Y., newspaper to publish a map of the homes of gun owners.

The crowd grew rowdy early in the day, reflecting frustration and the sense that gun-rights advocates were being shown less courtesy. Nevertheless, dozens testified — often passionately and peppered with applause from the audience.

Nicholas Purpura, a chaplain and tea party activist from Wall, said the measures would punish law-abiding New Jerseyans at the expense of criminals, who wouldn’t heed the law anyway.

“You’re tying our hands,” Purpura said, adding that the committee members were “hypocrites” who should be removed from office.

“You are guilty,” he said. “The blood of the innocent people and the children is on your hands.”

But while gun-rights advocates far outnumbered those in favor of more stringent measures, some reminded the audience that polling showed that was not the case throughout the state.

“I want to remind everyone this is a loud crowd behind us, but there’s lots of polling out there that shows this is representative of a tiny minority of New Jerseyans,” said Bryan Miller, executive director of Heeding God’s Call, which he described as a faith-based, violence-prevention organization.

Democrats pointed to Republicans’ no votes and abstentions, especially on a bill to ban those on the terrorist watch list from buying guns. “This bill in my mind brings up memories of the 1950s and Hollywood and the witch hunt that went on with the people regarding communism,” said Alison Littell McHose (R-Sussex).

Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-Union) said he was “flabbergasted” by McHose’s comment. “To say there’s a conspiracy, there’s McCarthyism, there’s other things — you’ve got to be kidding me,” Cryan said.

7 thoughts on “Gun control measures approved by N.J. Assembly committee despite protests

  1. I wonder what JD has to say about this?

    Hey JD, you’re still welcome to live in Texas, if you can handle Governor Rick, “I’m dressed as a woman and don’t know what 3 other dresses I want to buy” Perry. lol

  2. My Fellow Americans:


    I don’t know what happened here, but I had posted a few comments, and responded to the above ones!

    All gone.

    What happened?

    JD – US Marines

    1. JD, Henry explained the problem in his “missing comments” post. But I read your comments late last night before they disappeared.

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    To succinctly recap what I had stated previously:

    I am floored at the conditon of Nazi-Jersey.

    This is the place where the Revolutionary War pivoted on!

    NJ should be the shining example of the Liberty Movement, but instead it is the tarnished proof of police abuse, political, and court system corruption, … unparralled by few in the entire world.

    Nazi-Jersey is suitable for only one use now – To put a fence around the entire state, and use it for the Landfill & Cesspool Dumping Site for the entire country!

    My concern is not the nature of these treasonous laws,… as the legal/political system no longer has any concern about what is even remotely Un-Constitutional or not,… in fact, they enact these “laws” precisely because they are Un-Contitutional (Take away individual Rights). My concern is in trying to figure out when/where the coming sh*tfight may start

    Without knowing where, we can easily guess when. We will see the outbreak of hostitlities very soon.

    My guess is,.. the first state to see the Break-out of fighting between Americans and this Treasonous gov’t, will be the state where they try to physical grab guns first.

    They will succeed in the first 10 or 20 confiscations,.. then word quickly spreads,.. and the at door 21,.. they are met with a more appropriate response to their treason.

    This criminal gov’t is telling us they are running of of time by how quickly they are trying to enact these criminal demands, and by the window they are giving people to “turn-in” their only means of being able to fight against a despotic/criminal gov’t.

    Time is short,.. finish your adjustments,… the next phase of Operation, “Restore The Republic” is about to begin.

    Good Luck My Fellow Patriots – I do hope I meet some of you on the Field Of Honor.

    Your loyal friend – JD – US Marine Fighting Tyranny.

    1. in response to # 1 NWO Hatr:

      Unfortunately, JD, I’ve been thinking for some time now that Crazifornia would be one of the most likely states for the hostilities to begin. It’s the most densely packed (southern portion, anyway) and populated state, as well as most likely having the greatest number of guns, mainly due to the large population. I could be […]

      Hi #1,

      Your guess about which state will see the first real break-out of fighting occur in, is just as good as anyone elses #1.

      My thought is this: The first state to see open fighting between Americans and our treasonous gov’t, will be the state where they try to take the firearms away from the people first.

      Notice how rapidly they are now proposing and passing this legislation. (The fact it is all treasonous is irrelevant to them),.. notice the time frame they are giving people to “give-up” their firearms/Mags/Ammo.

      What they are doing, albeit it unintentionally, is they are letting us know they have a very short window to try and disarm Americans before global events (Financial or war) or the mass-awakening reaches critical mass.

      If any of the three clocks I have talked about before reaches critical mass before they disarm Americans, their chances of getting people to give up their firearms go to zero,.. hence the big push.

      The realty is, and your fear, is that if they feel they can’t get rid of the firearms,.. they may decide to simply get rid of the people via a Bio &/or Chem agent(s).

      This is a very real possibility, as they have the vaccine or inocculation for any agents they would release, so they have little concern about being exposed.

      There a few things that the average person can do to help minimize the potential of exposure being lethal, but a subject like that is probably best left to talking about on Henry’s show as it does take a little explanation.

      In the mean time,.. our main concern is the coming shit-fight,.. and let there be no doubt in anyones mind at this point in the game,.. their is a shit-fight in the near-event horizon.

      Best to prepare as best you can right now.

      JD – US Marines – Time is short…

      Here you go, JD.
      I hadn’t deleted this one from my e-mail yet.

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