4 thoughts on “Gun Permit

  1. Who ever artistically did this both in written content and visual appeal, should be commended….
    There is no simpler way to say……all of us already have a gun permit….

    1. NO YOU DO NOT!

      You do not have a right to keep and bear arms. Read below and find out why and how to get them back.

      You can have, but, by default you do not! The defacto system of law is the UCC. Since everything from local government to the District of Criminals is corporate (Yes! They are: The Act of 1871) they do not see the 1791 bill of rights that you boast of. The good news is that the UCC requires it to not be in conflict with higher ranking laws. As such, The Consitution is the “supreme law of the land”. Can’t rank much higher than that! So, you have to make the UCC yield. Here is how…

      It was recently “leaked” by the SCOTUS that you don’t actually have your 5A protected right of remaining silent until you are read your Miranda Rights *OR* you *DECLARE* it! Go find what the court opinions were for “Salinas vs. Texas”. What you’ll find is that the chief just-us said that the guy was not robbed of his right to remain silent ONLY BECAUSE HE DIDN’T DECLARE IT! The fact is, they don’t recognize the rights that your Second Amendment protects UNTIL YOU CLAIM THAT RIGHT!

      “Officer, I have the right to keep and bear arms. My right is protected by the second amendment and demands that you do not infringe upon that right. Do you intend to infringe upon that right?”

      (Also, in John Bad Elk vs The United States, SCOTUS revealed that one may use deadly force to stop violations of their civil rights.)

      Now you’ve got your “permit” and you just “showed” it to him.

      Remember: you have no constitutionally protected or enumerated rights until you claim them. This is proven by the fact that they read you your Miranda Rights. If you have the right to remain silent, why do they read them to you? Its because up until they read them to you, its all UCC. Claim those rights and use them!

  2. Officer do you intend on infringing on my rights about this gun that is in my possession at this time? I’m sure the results if that are not going to go well for you at all.It all sounds good in print but wait till you get to the kangaroo court that awaits you!

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