Gun Rights: The New Civil Rights Movement

Before It’s News – by Monica Davis

There is a new Civil Rights movement for the 21rst Century: gun rights. And it is trumphing the older movement for minorities, women and the disabled.

Its proponents harken back to the beginnings of the Republic,  back to the Constitution which promotes, gun rights, prohibits the quartering of soldiers in private homes.  

Part of America sees the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman case as a travesty of justice, a modern iteration of Jim Crow, where a white man walks free after shooting an innocent black person, in this case an unarmed Florida teenager named Trayvon Martin.

Another part sees in the verdict the emergence of another kind of civil rights movement, a gun freedom movement ultimately tested in the Zimmerman trial by a state willing to forego hard evidence in order to try to prosecute what police originally deemed an open and shut self-defense case. MOREHERE

People hold marches and protests, upholding gun rights, protests such as this one:

“It’s Independence Day — where it all started,”said shotgun toting protester Jenn Kroll, to the Houston Chronicle. “What better day to show our rights?”

Kroll marched with about 25 others, carrying rifles, in quiet, mostly empty downtown Houston Thursday morning. Come and Take It Houston, a gun-rights group, organized the march following a similar effort in Temple, where hundreds gathered carrying their firearms in the streets. MOREHERE

Others protest ilegal firearms use and death.

Code Pink and another group – MomsRising – have already staged multiple protests this year against the National Rifle Association.

The activist mothers at Demand Action, meanwhile, will also contact legislators this week.

“The most important thing we can do is incredibly easy – just call your representative. The other side is calling five times as often even though there are more of us! Members of Congress think we don’t care. Of course that’s not true, so please take three minutes while you sip your morning coffee or Diet Coke and call their offices,” urges the outreach.  MOREHERE

And so the new civil rights wars begin.

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