Gunboats Seen Patrolling in Eden Isles, Louisiana

Published on Oct 25, 2013 by Henry Shivley

Spot Report: Gunboats, unmarked, fully equipped patrolling in Eden Isles or doing maneuvers?

This is taking place in the canals around Slidell, Louisiana. These are military gun boats. No one has seen this in this area before.

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  1. These canals are located in private neighborhoods. These are like roads for alot of these folks. This would be like seeing MRAPs fully armed running around a subdivision. Notice the Ma Deuces on each boat.

    1. SCV,your right and it starts next week,SO GET READY,your out of time ,DANIEL 8:11/8:12 tells you whats about to happen,so pray to the LORD he has your back……………………….

      1. These are SWCC boats and you will have a combination of Special Warfare Combat Crewmen(SWCC) along with SEAL’s for training. Sometimes you will find other Naval personnel but not that often if at all as its all part of NSWC (Naval Special Warfare Command). The dress is operator specific the SWCC guys will wear flotation devices maybe flack gear and Kevlar helmets for safety while the teams guys wear as little as possible only carrying the gear needed to complete the mission. The Mark V or fives are lots more fun and faster than these smaller craft 😉

        1. No one was warned about this and they haven’t seen it before. They better start warning folks or someone might get shot.

    1. Smilardog do you know if the local militia would be that overt? Something is not right here. However, I do see the American flag is being flown on the last boat.
      . . .

      1. It looks to me like there is a very small US flag on each of them in the center. They are kind of on the opposite side of where they are filming. But if you look closely you will see them. I wish there was some follow-up to this. What in the world?

  2. I just sent this to a friend of mine in Long Beach, Mississippi to see if she’s heard anything regarding this. She lives 40 miles east of Eden Isles. Will report back if she knows anything.
    . . .

  3. Just a group of Foreign Small craft school running the rivers.

    NAVSCIATTS traces its history to the U.S. Coast Guard Mobile Training Team (MTT) sent to the Panama Canal Zone as a result of agreements made during the Alliance for Progress Conference in San José, Costa Rica in 1961. During this initial deployment, the need for a permanent training facility was recognized and the U.S. Coast Guard based the Small Craft Inspection and Training Team (SCIATT) at the U.S. Naval Station, Rodman, Panama in May 1963. Operation of the team was transferred to the U.S. Navy in June 1969 and it was re-designated as the Small Craft Instruction and Technical Team. As a result of increased training demands, NAVSCIATTS was officially established as a Naval shore activity in October 1982 and formally established as a Naval shore command in July 1983.

    The closure of U.S. based facilities in the Republic of Panama (Torrijos-Carter Treaties) has resulted in the relocation of NAVSCIATTS to the John C. Stennis Space Center in the state of Mississippi. Possessing some of the finest riverine and coastal training areas in the world, John C. Stennis Space Center provides an ideal training area for NAVSCIATTS. The Pearl River (Mississippi-Louisiana) runs through Stennis Space Center.

    1. Moron, it is much more than that…. I was in the military most of my life, rarely, if ever, did we man the mounted heavy guns INSIDE the USA and NEVER while going through our own US civilian neighborhoods! If you don’t think this is very odd simply because they are boats; let me put it this way: you know the US military vehicles that are normally seen on our highways/roads coming and going between bases, well how many times have you seen the 50 cals mounted and wrapped? Rarely but now think how many times you have seen them openly manned at the ready, and not only one but every vehicle in the convoy as if they we going through Baghdad? Never. It would have cause a shit storm, believe me. When you see a soldier “manning” or standing at the ready behind those guns, that means they are fully locked, loaded and at the ready to fire due to a preconceived possible threat. The gun up front on those SWCC boats you see in this video had manned f@king “miniguns” and 50cals to the aft… one thing is absolutely certain, something is very wrong and this should send a cold chill up your spine. Something this way comes…

      1. wake up,
        As a newby here We may allow a slip like this, “Moron, it is much more than that…” ONCE.
        I suggest that before you do any more name calling that you SHUT UP until you know who you are talking to.
        I and others here get defensive of our family and that crap will cease.
        Your remarks suggest that you may have thought you were on an obamabot site,WRONG bucky.
        I don’t think you added anything to this conversation as ALL of us here knew everything you stated BEFORE your elucidation.
        Wake up junior and find out who you are berating before you jump into the fire.
        BRING IT! And get ready for the smackdown of your young life.

          1. Take into consideration this is training and they are not firing live rounds but the guns are manned.
            This is in Coronado CA bay not far from NSWC on the ocean side.
            Don’t man guns is laughable especially after the USS COLE. Every approaching craft is considered hostile until it is secured. It does not appear the .50’s have the standard gas suppression system for blanks or not but it is pretty large around the .50’s barrel when they are on.

  4. Doesn’t look good to me. I would
    not want to see them in my

    Has anyone heard anything about
    it on the local news down there?

    Let’s keep our eyes and ears open,
    folks. As the old saying goes,
    “You neva know!”

  5. what the hell, are the military people doing, they are breaking all sorts of laws, if they shoot one american on order by Obama they will all be charged with treason and hung , no trials , no jury, just hung. you GI’s better make sure you get on the right side when it comes down, if not you are all going to be charged with high crimes against the state.get that.

    1. Wow Chamber one! I just checked out your website and watched the video of last year’s Big Sandy. I did not even know this existed until now. It makes me feel better to know there is THAT MUCH fire power out there. Thanks for sharing.
      . . .

  6. Looks like we need to bring up the Louisiana swamp residents to patrol & ward of unwanted……nothing better than a well place hornets nest or a few cotton mouth snakes in their fart sacks…….You have a right to be concerned, the Oblablascare computer scandal was perpetrated by George Soros who is a major stockholder in CGI, he is now newly announced as a major backer to the Shillary Corruptom PAC for President…….Now, according to most computer experts, the cost to create a complete & working program should have cost no more than a couple of million tops!!!! Where did the remaining $650,000,000.00 go? Do you suppose it went to the same place the 2 billion went that Oblabla gave to Petrogas that the same Soros owned when Oblabla was running for his second term???? The scams are easy to find because it is always the same Evilists doing the dirty deeds. Those of the Federal Reserve/European Central Bank, UK & International Securities “Club” (Not a Bank) ……..Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

  7. i live in the northern plains and witness not boats but have seen many dhs agents on the highways and low flying helicopters checking and mapplng the power grid,running into them on back highways and more out of the way places.they seem to be every where and being out late at night can turn into a big problem. thanks for listening

  8. Near end of 3 wk. ARC deployment for Katrina, near the Dome, I waited for a co-worker for quick snack after Double hotel doors opened and 30-40 very fit men of 6’+ quickly walked 4 abreast through lobby to elevator bank. Tight black tees, black pants tucked into black boots, each with rifle on shoulder sling. Military haircuts.

    I leaned forward and only one, toward the end, glanced at me. “Where from?” I asked quietly. “Czechoslovakia, for training,” he said, low but very firm, and looked ahead. In the Velvet Revolution in about 1990, country divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakian Republic–two countries. So they weren’t Czechs. No visible Officer in charge. They stayed silent, in formation until able to get on elevators.

    It was scary as the boats must be to those nearby. Didn’t see any of them again in my last four days there.

    1. Didn.t note gunboats were by Sllidell! That’s where I was based for the first week–so the blacksuits were quite near the Dome–especially if they had boats with Lake P. right close. We saw them late at night.

  9. The need is to expose who is pulling the strings. All indications say the CIA orders come from the International Securities “Club” (not a bank)— the Evilist bankers are putting everything in place for a complete military state…….Here’s an example: Week before last I was in the Reno area. While at a Starbucks I struck up a conversation with a man 35+-. He said he was on a weekend travel & was a “Police Officer” from a nearby town. He wanted me to know he was not a Cop but a Police Officer & the problem with the country is the way the law favors “Constitutionists”! After listening to his short spiel it was clear he’d been brainwashed by the Marshall Law guidelines. My neighbor is also a Police Officer & believes Republicans are the enemy as are conservatists. The World is fast becoming a complete Socialist empire of the Evilists & one of the biggest members of that evil club is the United Kingdom, plus the Federal Reserve/European Central Bank; etc.. Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

    1. The Louisiana sinkhole, Bayou Corne, is going to blow, sooner or later. They’re bringing the oil reserves up with a big explosion, apparently. That will bring a disaster possibly worse than Katrina, if it causes a big earthquake at the New Madrid faultline, or if it causes a massive release of methane gas from under the Gulf, or a volcanic eruption. This has been planned for decades, they’ve known what would happen when they store millions of gallons of explosives next to flammables next to radioactives next to hazardous waste…. Oh, and there’s the Waterford nuclear reactor not too far away. I’d say that’ll bring out the troops, wouldn’t you?

  10. As both a Louisana citizen, and more so a former local Law Enforcement Officer, and former Federal Police Officer why in the hell isn’t the guy/girl who video-ed this and every neighbor from that area isn’t sitting across the desk of the local Sheriff demanding answers why these boats are armed and doing exactly what………in his parish

  11. Hey, greenghost1, how long has it been since anything you or anyone else has to say has been listened to or acted upon by the “LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS” in your or any other area???? As I see it it’s designed to “Harass & COLLECT”, not, “SERVE & PROTECT”! Maybe you’re one of the exception & if you are then “YOU” go before the local ‘LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS” & demand to know what’s going on!!!! Please let us know what the outcome is……..Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

  12. Well RC I have no problems talking to the local Sheriff of my home parish. He was a La State Trooper covering the parish when I was a patrolman, and their SWAT team would come play in our FTX’s once I had as went thur LA State Police Academy and on to US DOE. And I would go to the courthouse, thur the back door as I have all my adult life. And discuss the issue. And he would be honest with me if for some reason his hands or tie/etc. But I would know what he would know. Most of the guys that are now Sheriff/Chief of Police, ranking officers are the same guys that worked the road when I did. So there’s not alot of red tape to get a meeting. I still have former co workers in the federal system as well that i get intel from that you may have well benefitted from in the past. I’m not scared of these people…..ashame this issue is not taking place in my hometown parish, cos I would no doubt drive the 2 hours back home to find out…since I still have all my family back there. But I elected to move to higher more secluded ground, cos everyone doesnt have the balls to stand up to this communist crap, so I came where I can see them coming………

    1. Green ghost,
      I live in lafayette parish for now. Trying to move to Acadia to get away from the sheep. We bought a little land there. Lafayette is full of sheeple and aint getting better. They embrace agenda 21 inn Lafayette parishand the sheriff is one that will welcome dhs when they come. Are you up north or down south?

      1. Bulldog,
        I’m up at Toledo Bend now days….where there’s bigger hills and bigger woods….and plenty of water….Lafayette area used to have a large group of liked minded folks…some are from the Acadia area……one even owns a gun shop…

        1. I know the gun shop. He gets alot of my money my brother in law lives up your way. Jealous of the trees. We do alot at forest hill. Camp claiborne.

          1. yeah I image those who are still awake will be forming up plenty quick again……the gun shop owner was buddy with the “General” w the TV show out of Lafayette……..back in 1999 they had a good turn out prep-ing the owner shop owner place…….we was there too……I’m sure alot of the same faces are around…….probably more lurking now days

          2. I see a match up, a meeting forming. I wish I could find someone on this site local to me.
            But, I do have great news… I finally went over to a neighbors house that I have been wanting to talk to for a longtime. Up until now we have just waved to each other and never really got into “The Conversation”. So, after we got done talking about each other lawns and different grass seed for here in Az. hehe I finally said, Hey, so do you pay attention to current events???
            and that was all it took… sheesh man, we talked for hours. We shared shtf plans, checked out each others pea shooters hehe Are working on some barter trades together, and got out our knives drew blood, spit in our hands shook hands, and made a pact to have each other families backs.

            Then I made another trade deal with another guy, a marine, and upgraded my pea shooters to off paper shooters, and got 100’s of extra peas, mags, cleaning kits, etc. The guy just dumped stuff in my lap, it felt like Chrismas opening up all of my presents. Best trade deal I ever made, and off paper at that, and we are actually going to start doing stuff together with our families.
            All I have to say is, this has been an awesome 24 hours. I see a team coming together real quick. I already had a bunch of younsters who are just waiting for the shoe to drop, but, now I have guys who have been there and done that.

          3. There are folks awake here, but most are sleepy, sleepy. I just want out of this parish. Acadia is pretty good. Not enough cover, but I will take it. If it gets real bad before I get set up out there I am going to the woods about 60 miles north of here. I know that place like the back of my hand and I can put my camper out there it has lots of trails and water and plenty of cover and concealment.

          4. Around Chitco would make you a good plan Bspot, since I’m told there’s artestian fre flowing water there too………I love mine! Been running since 1974, I use it everyday……..well I’ve bugged out in 2007……live how I’m gonna live when TSHTF……all I got to do is turn out my really BAD ass German Shepard, who kills about anything that comes in the yard w/o a invite… with the other2…..maybe sure the gate is locked and start a gumbo for the ones coming….and turn on my commo gear to hear their approach…….

          5. Amen on the gumbo. Mrs bulldog is making chicken and sausage gumbo for tomorrow. Perfect weather for a big pot of gumbo

          6. @ Smilardog 3:49. 🙂 , Hope that things turn out good with your newly aquired freinds, I just hope that you are real careful and that they are real honest and trustworthy – of which I am sure they are – ya know Smilardog, I think you know what I mean buddy. It is hard to tell sometimes who to trust and who not to trust, I hate to say.

          7. Digger, oh, I know… I am careful. My neighbor I see all of the time. The other guy will have to prove himself. Thanks for thinking about me

          8. That is good Smilardog. you keep a close eye on them. 🙂 Heck, now I feel like I am preaching to the church quire 🙂 lol – my spelling again Smilardog 🙂 .

  13. Return to your regular ‘programming’, sheeple. (not posters here, naturally).

    Nothing of concern to see here.

  14. What happened to the attack mode? Now it sounds like hide in the swamp mode…….I lived in Shreveport for a couple of years & loved it during the late 70’s. I hope the wonderful folk I knew then are still around cause they wouldn’t put up with hiding from those that would take out of greed & corruption….Keep up the good chatter every little poke hurts or helps depending who has the tenderest butt……continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

  15. This is where you organize all residents in the area, and have the Houses on the end of the Inlet start ringing the bells and cranking the Air Raid hand Sirens. 2 Things are going to happen; One, you alert every man woman and child in the area, and that can handle a rifle to battle stations, and Two, You let the invaders know you are watching them very closely. So what would you do if the men in the boat were all Chinese or Russian looking? Open fire? An American Flag eh? You mean False Flag. How many morons, just thought… Oh they must be American since they are flying the American Flag..?? And only one USA Flag, on just one boat, they happen to steal from a Flag Factory in made in China. Wake Up AmeriKa.

  16. Ever see the aircraft (Evergreen Air) that are based in McMinnville, Or.? They are part of the insurgent CIA army controlled by the Evilists of the European Central Bank & sorted to pollute our atmosphere with chemicals (chemtrails) to enhance the HAARP microwave system & make all that breathes & grows sick or dead….Anyway, most of their aircraft are gray 737’s with no visible markings. The unmarked behavior has been going on for years & you can be assured it comes from those that only care about greed & corruption…..In order to combat this issue it is necessary is to not support anything they own or stand for. If you web up George Soros exposed you will see the vast corporate structure & number of companies they own or control. The latest one to come into view is the computer company CGI that has purposely installed a system in Oblablascare to fail. This allows Soros to take the hundreds of millions of dollars overpaid & launder it through the Evilist holdings & finance the Shellary Corrupton run for 2016 election. He already made a large donation to her PAC. It’s the same thing he did for Oblabla when Oblabla took 2 billion of our tax dollars, gave it to Petrogas for supposed exploration purposes, the same company owned by Soros’ Evilists that laundered the money to fund Oblablas’ second term. A similar thing was done for the first election but not as obvious……Keep digging & boycott the Evilists, buy only local & take any investments you have that are connected with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase; etc., out of those accounts & deposit only in local credit unions…Resist with knowledge, silence & confidence in Freedom, Liberty, Justice & Truth

  17. What I think this is, is Special Boat Unit 22, which is stationed at Stennis Space Center on the Pearl River. They use the rivers, bayous and canals of the area to PRACTICE maneuvers during training time. Also, there may be SEALs on those boats, but they are not SEALs Boats. Special Boat Unit 22 (SBU-22) is a team of trained boat operators and crew that are most commonly used to insert and extract SEALs on their missions. If you’ve seen the movie Act Of Valor, this team was used extensively in the filming of that movie and pretty much all of the scenes involving the boat crews were filmed on the Pearl River.

    What this video likely shows is a team that was out on training maneuvers either in Lake Pontchartrain or in nearby bayous that decided to venture up into the canals of Eden Isles for some sight seeing. As yall know, this area was hit BADLY by Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps they were just passing through to see how well the area has returned to life 8 years later. (of course, I’m just speculating). Also, there’s a very good seafood restaurant in the marina that’s located in that subdivision (Phil’s Marina Cafe if anyone would like to try it). It’s also possible (again, I’m just speculating) that they stopped in for a bite to eat while breaking from training and were just cruising around after or before.

    -Resident of Slidell, LA (where this video took place) and son of a late Navy-man who served in this unit in the early 80’s.

    1. Well all very possible. But in that same video, looks like those crews are stationed at their weapons… not exactly sight seeing. a former La. Law Enforcement/US Gov’t Security, and SWAT member we didn’t do training normally in neighborhoods for the public to see, or react to. And if it was more in a public area, it was in abandon buildings/warehouses/etc with a uniform unit stationed near by with even some public notice about using blanks/flashbangs/etc in the local paper. So if the early claim from the poster of the video, that this was the first they saw this in their area…..and that is a good bit away from Stennis…..why now? Personally….the local Sheriff would get a ear full if I was a local resident. That would be the same thing if the national guard doing their summer training all filed out the piney woods of Ft Polk in their Bradley’s and drove into town for a burger…….

  18. Mark H gave good explanation. Also, the Mach V’s are very fast! My husband drove them in either Philipines or UAE while teaching their Navy how to run them. The videos of the runs and seeing the wake behind the boat was awesome.

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