H5N1 Bird Flu: First Case Found In Canada

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Health officials announced today that the first North American case of H5N1 flu has been found in Canada.

Authorities said at a press conference that the H5N1 victim lived in Alberta, but contracted the virus while in China. The person began to feel unwell during a flight home from Beijing to Vancouver on Dec. 27 on Air Canada Flight 030. After spending a few hours in the Vancouver airport, the individual then travelled on to Edmonton on Air Canada Flight 244.  

The person was admitted to hospital on Jan. 1 and died on Jan. 3.

“This is a very rare and isolated case,” said Dr. James Talbot, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, in a press release.

“Avian influenza is not easily transmitted from person to person. It is not the same virus that is currently present in seasonal influenza in Alberta.”

Almost all human cases of H5N1 infections have been the result of close contact with infected birds or H5N1-contaminated environments, according to the World Health Organization. Health Canada officials say it’s still unclear how the person contracted the virus, but there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission.

Health Canada says there have been less than 650 human cases of H5N1 in 15 countries in last decade. This type of flu kills 60 per cent of those affected.

The victim was travelling with two others, who are being monitored by health officials.

“None of them have symptoms and the risk of developing symptoms is extremely low,” Dr. Talbot said. “Precautions for health care staff were also taken as part of this individual’s hospital treatment.

“I expect that with the rarity of transmission and the additional precautions taken, there will be no more cases in Alberta.”

In 2013, there were 38 world-wide cases of H5N1 avian influenza reported to the World Health Organization and 24 deaths.



7 thoughts on “H5N1 Bird Flu: First Case Found In Canada

  1. Actually, the first case was found in an underground FedGovCorp bio-divergent laboratory and then scheduled for release to the gen.pop. to study social and psychological control factors within a given sub-species.

  2. There have been many cases found all around Texas, the West Coast and some near the Great Lakes region in places near Chicago, IL, Northern Indiana and Toronto, ON. It’s basically all around the border states and seem to be expanding its way inward. Almost seems as if someone smuggled the virus across the border and is trying to spread it inward. Just my thoughts.

    Check here for cases and times of H1N1 outbreaks. It’s always up to date.


    China also has got a lot of varied strain outbreaks of the H1N1 as well, if you look at the map. Maybe they are the source of it all. Who knows.

    1. This story isn’t about H1N1 (Swine Flue), it is about H5H1 (Bird Flue). Different critters. (However, I do agree with you. You are right. Who knows.)

      According to “them” H5H1 may not be as dangerous to Humans as H1N1, but it sure doesn’t make me feel more comfortable about China’s contract to process our chickens. (Not that I’m happy about it to begin with. LOL) Plus, it doesn’t only infect chickens. I see all kinds of implications with infected birds. They fly/migrate. They don’t know “Borders.” It just takes one to infect the whole flock.

      1. Point is that it’s an H something N something. lol

        Seems all the same kind of virus to me but with different strains. Sorry, you’ll have to forgive my ignorance and knowledge on the subject. I’ll have to research the strains further. My bad. D’oh! lol

        1. LOL “They” do that on purpose. It is confusing and they are constantly coming up with new ones, making it even more confusing. What “layman” (even doctor) can keep track all those various numbers, initials, and mile long Greek names?! You’re not the only one.
          From what I’ve read, the Canadian Health Dept. is using this as a bogus excuse to push Flue Shots on Canadians (though one stain is totally different from the other and the shot is ineffective). Gee, sound familiar?

  3. This is perfect as they said it a guy felt sick on Dec. 27 while in china. Well, Iremember reading/hearing last Dec. that the U..S. signed a contract with China to buy chicken from them and they buy – I think it was pork – from us. Just seem like too much of a coincidece to me. A prt of genocide perhaps maybe? Wouldn`t surprise me. 🙁

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