HAARP Magnetometer Recording 311 Fukushima

Published on Nov 5, 2013 by Yahushua Fukushima

HAARP magnetometer readings from the attack on Japan & Fukushima get a load of this….bang crackle fizz….

Operation Seal Tsunami Bombs
HAARP Revmichellehopkins channel Tesla tech Arrays
Weather Modification

2 thoughts on “HAARP Magnetometer Recording 311 Fukushima

  1. I download all these charts every day (shared what I use earlier) I still can’t visualize how they are doing it. I even HEAR the hum. I just can’t quite visualize what it is they are doing even though I seen the dox about plasma platforms in the sky. I get it that plasma is the “bounce platform” to bounce the RF off of, but I don’t get what harmonics and resonant freqs do what to what or why. Remember I know/visualize/ and roll out common sense physics/theory about Larry Spring / e.g. those Spheres he talks about.

    My comms are based on it!

  2. I have no idea of what I just saw. There’s no explanation for people who don’t know how to read a magnetometer.

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