Hang Em High for Treason!

dees12.jpgHenry Makow- by Keith Howe

It is time to build a gallows, and restore freedom and lawful leadership to this country.

Public Officials seem to think that they have become prison wardens, and citizens are their prisoners. It is far past time that we reel them in, clip their feathers, and put them in their place. For many of them, that place would be prison!  

Upon taking public office, officials must swear an Oath on the Holy Bible to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States, not the United Nations.

These traitors are breaking that oath in record numbers, and should be held criminally accountable. The penalty for breaking that oath should be no less than the penalty for perjury, for that is exactly what they have done in retrospect. Actually, the penalty should include treason against the United States and the Constitution, because this crime is against both, as well as “we, the people”.

hang.jpgAll Bible believing Christians should pray for God to rebuke these liars and traitors, who have violated their solemn oaths with their right hand on His Bible, unless they repent immediately. May God bring them to total ruin in all their affairs, for He has warned them not to make an oath lightly, because He will hold them accountable for that oath! (James 5:12)

These traitors have robbed and bankrupted the United States and Wall Street. They have formulated false flag wars on terror and are war criminals for the multiple, illegal, invasions/occupations they have condoned around the world. They have systematically dismembered the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and are preparing a domestic army (Department of Homeland Security, aka Shutzstaffel, or S.S.) to murder, overthrow, and enslave the American people. They have purchased billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition, and thousands of armored personnel carriers, set up on concentration camps, and prepared vast amounts of multi-person coffins in planning to accomplish this treason.

In addition, these lying, traitors have violated their oaths to God and man, by attacking our freedoms and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They are attempting to disarm America for their coming tyranny and “Day of Great Slaughter” to bring about their socialist, globalist, satanic, New World Order. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has armed Syrian rebels with her Benghazi gun-running scam, and Eric Holder has supplied Mexican drug runners with his gun-running “Operation Fast and Furious”. Senator Dianne “Fascist” Feinstein negotiates illegal “no bid” weapons contracts with her husband’s business, and no one goes to prison.

These same, fascist tyrants are also abusing the power of their office by attempting to make it economically impossible for people to own guns through registration fees, sales and transfer fees, mandatory insurance requirements for gun owners, etc. These sociopaths apparently can’t grasp the concept of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment.

dees13.jpgSo far all America has had to say about all this is “thank-you sir, may I have another”.

The United States Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2381 states “whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treason)

It is time to build a gallows, and restore freedom and lawful leadership to this country.

– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2013/04/hang-em-high-for-treason.html#sthash.PlwH4QUt.dpuf

21 thoughts on “Hang Em High for Treason!

  1. I wonder when that’s going to happen?. I can’t see that happening with Eric Holder in the office of Attorney General. See how Obama put’s people in key positions to protect himself?.

  2. I’m not building a gallows. I have plans for a wheeled guillotine that I can tow behind my car so I can bring it to wherever it’s needed.

    It’s still only in the planning stages, but it will go together real quick once I gather all the parts here.

  3. I suggested that everyone should grab their scab lumber out of the garage and start building a gallows right in their front yard. What better way to ignite an issue! “What ya buildin’ there mister”? “A hangin’ gallows”. “What for.” “For hangin’ traitors”. Either way, It would bring the issue into the limelight.

    1. Can you imagine what the folks would say if you actually apply for a building permit. It would sure be interesting.

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    The “Stalin Plan” is a simple one that has been used thru-out the 20th century to destroy countries, ensalve, then exterminate its citizens.

    The NWO’s “Stalin Plan”:

    1 – Destroy a country’s moral backbone (In our case,.. its our Christian values this country was founded on)

    2 – Destroy a country’s curreny – The Fed Reserve got that done.

    3 – Destroy a county’s industrial base – 95+% or our country’s 1960’s industrial base is gone,… so, check!,.. the Rockefellar’s, Trilateral Commision and the CFR got that done.

    4 – Install a “Cult Of Personality” – Well,.. they keep trying to push Ocrapo as America’s “Stalin” personality (hence that offensive “Jesus” portral),.. but these idiots forgot,… America is still mostly White (and people do tend to prefer their own ethnic group), is still mostly Christian, and have the immearsurable gift of hindsight to see this has ALL been tried before!

    The only true terrorist organization in this country:

    The US Federal Gov’t and ALL its criminal agencies. They are nothing more than an “Enemy Force In Occupation”, that should be charged, arrested, tried,… and hung for their outright, and obvious crimes of Treason!

    Until we do that,.. we have done NOTHING to stop the destrruction, or begin the restoration this country.

    JD – US Marine – American, Christian, Patriot

  5. All your guilottine and gallows are fine but people have to know
    who the traitors are.. You have to name names and expose the
    ones who really ‘run the show’. The traitors who run the important
    departments, (FBI, CIA, DHS, education and foreign affairs) are for
    the most part communists whose parents and grandparents ran the
    USSR.. They will murder you with no afterthought….
    The man who exposes those very same traitors is
    Br. Nathenael on RealJewsNews. Check him out..

  6. time too do something UNITE stop this crap of yust talk.. time too get off this talk shit and get it on..Enough of this shit talk..They are building conceration camp in my state as I write this in Nebraska

  7. Sure they are but they take their orders higher up..
    You have to cut off the head to really make a difference..
    Replacing gov. employees is not the solution..

    1. Who said anything about replacing them?

      HANGING them is the best option we have available.

      Permanent retirement plan, and best of all, NO BENEFITS.

  8. Fascists Never Banned Guns for citizens of their respective states ie Italy, Spain, Germany.
    But ‘Bolshevik’ Russia and China DID…!!!

  9. Why concentrate on the puppets?! Yes, they’re traitors, but the real evil and ultimate string pullers have always been the Jewish Banksters and their AIPAC cousins (dual citizens all). Save the ropes and gallows for these bastards. When they’re gone, most everything will return to normal.

    1. The puppets are the ones directly responsible for destroying this country, as they are the so-called ‘government’.

      Therefore, we start by hanging their communist @sses, then we go after the banksters responsible, considering that most of them live in other countries.

      If you know of any way we can get to them without cleaning house here first, please don’t hesitate to share with the rest of us.

  10. (No reply to hit under your last post there #1)
    LOL #1! Hopefully bert is off to one of the links ya posted hehe! Maybe he/she thinks they will find some poor sucker over there.

    Looks like gov has went the cheaper route of out-sourcing their trolls from other countries, by the way bert spoke and wrote. Maybe that was just a ploy too?

    Sounds like bert was trying real hard tho, lol!

    Caffeine finally wearing off here (Have to start drinking decaf at night 🙂 )

    1. RT, he said he lives in Nebraska in an earlier comment. Somehow that just doesn’t ring true, judging from his sentence structure.

      Looks like that history lesson was a waste of time.

      Must have been the AJ links. LOL

      1. #1, lol on the AJ links.
        The Nebraska thing nah, at least not originally hehe.
        Think, trying to see what could be stirred up.

        Funny thing, there was someone that posted by the name of RayRay tonight on the topic of the 4 cops from Nebraska that were fired for chasing down the guy with the camera. Very similar sentence structure, a little better spelling still had the ..between and it seemed he said “for sure” often last night and used the same at the end of his sentence there. I tried to send an email to see if it could be checked, but I got a notice back my email could not be sent?
        Newho, it might be back, who knows?
        Good history lesson btw, but I don’t think that was what he was interested in lol 🙂
        I was just getting ready to shut down for the night, have a good rest night/morning

        1. Good eye, RT. The double dot.. space.. is a fairly unique signature. I’d say as alike.. as two peas.. in a pod.

          Twins maybe? LOL..

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