5 thoughts on “Happy chemtrails.

  1. [Warning Tin Foil Hat Perspective]

    If I was going take your guns.

    I wouldn’t go door to door on the initial phase.

    I would gas/chemtrail the metro cities first.

    Have Nato troops etc stacked up at your local military base.

    Then move in for an easy assault.

    But first I’d have to practice/drill spraying in a circle around your city.

    This picture is heading south towards southern NV and Northern CA.

    This is the second time I’ve seen this in the last couple of weeks.

    The last time it was east of me towards Salt Lake.

    Ya know what they say….

    Practice makes perfect.

    Kind of makes ya wanna get a gas mask huh..?

    And that’s my tin foil hat perspective.

    I hear that song by Billy Preston.

    “Will it go round in Circles”….?

  2. If you dont have a gas mask by now flee, you had better get crackin, must have in your bag of tricks.

    A lousy hundred bucks, worth every penny, get plenty of canisters while your at it.

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