10 thoughts on “Happy Constitution Day!

  1. And those who signed it would be flat out disgusted to see just how badly this country has deteriorated into tyranny and a police state.

    1. Actually, there are no signatures on the constitution. You’re thinking of the Declaration of Independence. And since there are no signatures, it is a contract of presumption between ‘government’ and ‘we the people’, whatever those things mean.

  2. Our founding fathers would be disgusted. The fact is until we have a full out revolution, things will never get better. I wonder a lot if we would be able to put in a better govt. We could but it will take a lot of over sight and we must make sure those we put WILL ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION.

    1. I think of this 200+ year of the existence of America as only a stepping stone. I don’t feel that the founding fathers had any notion that this would be the end all be all. But if you look at what it did accomplish, it is a huge step forward. Number one, it ended the idea of divine right of kings. That alone is huge.

      But then the problem is that Kings and their Court of Lords are extremely sly, intelligent, and cunning when it comes to extortion and indenture. If one line of BS fails, then they simple develop another. That other is called the legal system, or BAR of the CITY of LONDON. They have effectively replaced divine right with legal ‘rights’, which are actually legal restriction at every level. Statutes, which are completely unagreed upon contract, are nothing more than divine right on paper. It’s quite similar to that famous book that is supposedly God.

      Ignorance of ‘the Law’ is no excuse, despite the fact that you can only be ignorant of it. Questioning the law is blasphemy. Attempting to interpret or challenge the law without license is contempt. It is nothing more than divine right in a new form: paper.

      All paper is hearsay. Everything is hearsay outside of what a man encounters with his five senses (or sixth). From there it becomes belief, and belief is not fact, it is faith. Faith is someone eles’s interpretation of truth shoved down the throats of the incompetent.

      1. “Attempting to interpret or challenge the law without license is contempt.”

        Exactly, Chewy! Any person who goes into a courtroom without a lawyer nowadays is immediately held in contempt and is assumed by the judge himself that they don’t know anything about the law, unless they passed the “BAR” exam and has a law certificate. So they won’t even listen to you or speak to you and will just yell, “CONTEMPT”, use his hammer and put you in jail for 24 hours. The days of standing up for yourself alone in court have long gone. It’s almost impossible if not impossible. It’s both ridiculous and insane.

        1. Which leads the question: are we below the law or above it? I refer again to my statement that the ‘supreme law of the land’ is presumptive contract. I haven’t signed that document or agreed to it under witness. Nor have I done such with any statute. It’s all hearsay paper.

          Under the auspice of law; law is divine simply by being claimed ‘law’, strangers can write down anything, then call it law, and hold men enslaved to it. What’s to say that a statute can’t be written that firstborn sons are to be killed? Or how about daughters are concubines of the state until the family can buy their way out of that? We really are that close to this; that every living man is bound and destroyed by evil fantasy of a fictional corporation. I feel that we are moments away from another military conscription (draft) where the government simply kills off generations of men to eliminate any threat against themselves.

          We, as men, have dominion over any paper hearsay written down and enforced via de facto organizations. There is no power over men, except when they are deceived into believing that paper has power. But men are deceived. They do believe it. And as long as men hand over their natural and God given dominion of themselves over to organizations, men such as us can only brace against it on an individual level.

          There is a great deal of information out there about presenting self as life and a living, breathing sentient man, rather than re-presenting self via a NAME (an admission of ownership) and/or through de facto BAR attorney. I again refer people to Mary Croft, Rob Hay, Dean Clifford, Frank O’Collins, Judge Dale and others. There is a way that exists above legalese and BAR, and ultimately it is claim of superior dominion above fictional organizational claim. The second a man gives way to accepting fraud, that man is encompassed by fraud. A lot of it has to do with constant and well thought out questioning, like how can a man be held in contempt by asking a question? It starts with the cop and never ends throughout the process.

          Ultimately the frauds that be have but one authority: the gun.

  3. I’ll celebrate when all those who’ve destroyed this country and what the Constitution stands for are buzzard bait swinging from the gallows.

    1. And I hope I`m there to celebrate with you #1. The buzzards have to eat too – the ones that deserve to be buzzard bait might be too rotten even for a buzzard though.

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