32 thoughts on “Happy Easter From the Trenches!

  1. Happy Easter everybody!

    How about those Reeses’ peanut butter and chocolate eggs?

    God bless all of those grandchildren tearing apart the back yards, looking for those sacred colored eggs. And the delicious egg salad sandwiches later today! Yummie!

    1. Oh boy, an egg salad sandwich sounds really good right now Mark! I may have to get off my dead arse and hard-boil a few eggs now. That’s been my problem lately, I go to the store but can’t seem to find anything that sounds good. It’s a personal problem.

      1. My choices are , the 100 item chink buffet across the street, or the pizza place, beer……,or the Arby’s inside the truck stop. Beer sounds good…

        1. It’s not that bad, Mark. I was thinking that if I subtract all the time I spend cooking and washing dishes from my life, I’d probably live longer by eating Arby’s instead of healthy food.

          I didn’t cook in NYC because dinner was delivered right to my window if I didn’t want to go out. (first floor apt.)

  2. Happy Easter everyone. I remember as a little one looking for those brightly colored eggs, and wondering how the got that way. Couldn’t understand how a rabbit could produce what chickens did the rest of the year without color. Realy had me puzzled. 🙂

  3. Happy Easter, everyone.

    Pretty picture, Henry. Is that where you live? I like the pics from your area, and I can see why the yuppies are crowding you, but I was thinking that you probably get a bigger dose of chemtrail poison than the rest of us because of the altitude. (a lot of it probably dissipates and blows away before it drops down to my level)

  4. Beautiful pic.
    I gotta go.
    I think the easter bunny just left a chocolate egg in my home depot bucket.

  5. A very happy and blessed Easter to Henry, Laura, JD and all the folks in the Trenches!

    Thank you Henry for the beautiful picture on today’s post. You and your family live in a beautiful place.

        1. Oh man, just woke up from a nap after dinner. Didn’t go anywhere, cooked for myself, it worked for me! My kids had their plans and I just wasn’t up for a trip to Green Bay. Very relaxing, quite frankly, kickin’ back and just takin’ it easy.

          1. We’ve been taking it easy today, too. 🙂
            Hubby doesn’t like to eat a big meal early in the day, so I’m prepping dinner now. It will be an early night. LOL 😀

          2. I got me a ham slice, tater, and a salad upcoming for supper. I think I’ll do ’em both in the oven, throw some brown sugar/pineapple glaze on the ham slice, burn a little sage, and get back into Carlos Castaneda’s ” The Wheel of Time”. It’s described as “The Shamans of Ancient Mexico, Their Thoughts About Life, Death, and The Universe.”

            It’s a book from Diggerdan’s collection of works. I’ve read a few of Castaneda’s works years ago, it’s interesting stuff. Digger turned me on to Castaneda.

  6. I hope you all have a great day! Check your chocolate egg content tho! 🙂

    Beautiful picture, thank you for sharing!!! and thank you for the News delivered!

  7. Happy Easter, everyone! And yes, that is some awesome scenery in that photo. If that’s where Henry lives, you can color me green with envy.

  8. I have to share a dream I had last night.
    Its pretty disturbing.
    I’m sorry people.
    Think what you may of me.
    I was watching cable tv. Ya know like the discovery channel. ..the history channel.
    Then I hit a new channel.
    It was called the “execution” channel.
    It was a channel where you could watch these traitors hung, burned shot and hacked to death for the crimes they committed against us.
    Sit back and eat cheesy poofs.
    Like Frito in idiocracy.
    I know now their days are numbered.
    Other then that everything is going great today.
    Already had my old man nap.
    Be steadfast brothers and sisters.
    We are going to win.

  9. Happy Easter everyone! I have been through a really rough 18 months and I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his Grace and Mercy!!! He is alive and well at the right hand of our Father! He is still performing miracles from on High! Thank You Jesus!!!!!
    I hope all of you guys a very peaceful day with family and friends, I had lunch with my Dad and his wife, just wish my Mom was still here, but I know she saw!! Got to spend a lot of time with elderly parents, when they leave they don’t come back!!!

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