30 thoughts on “Happy New Year From the Trenches!

  1. Yay!! May 2021 kick 2020 in the ass!! Here comes The Bill of Rights, served with a cocktail, if you like. Make it a Freedom Fizz with a good shot of rebellion.

    Happy New Frikkin’ New Year, Trenchers!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. I do indeed love how people believe that everything magically changes when the numbers on a calendar do. 2021 should be “interesting” to say the very least.

  3. Word.

    We are here for a reason.
    Find it. Sequester it. Learn from it. Move beyond it.
    It! Just might be you.

    Be only good and see good.

    Another compulsory calendar to buy.

  4. So I’m watching Times Square and it’s like a distopian graveyard, all barricaded off. I was hoping to see some folks break through and conquer the square, the tradition. Big Brother blocking big time. And the tv is playing some weird New Age outer space music, likely to tame us and subdue us. But I can feel the soul of some New Yorkers, outraged that they are separated from their celebration ground. May the outrage ignite a fighting spirit.


    1. Seen that too. We turned it off.
      Not that a bunch of mouth breathers congregating on city streets isn’t depressing too. But different than the normal sheeple display

    2. I was more noticing the countdown numbers juxtaposed with the annoying hypnotic, subliminal messaging KIA sign. Nothing says “Pathetic sellout third world country” like the United Corporate States of America.

      All other countries show off their culture and landmarks. We show off car ads, Planet Fitness, and Univision. What a bunch of corporate sellouts.

  5. Happy new year everyone! Does anyone else have a new year meal they make? I’m making ribs, cabbage, black-eyed peas and corn bread. LOL the same as every year.

    1. I don’t have a usual New Year meal, Misty. I just cooked a burger a bit ago on my rocket stove 🙂 Wanna trade? haha

        1. Just wondering, didn’t know if it was a southern thing? They say black eyed peas bring good luck and cabbage/greens bring money for the new year. Just something I have always done. LOL

          1. Yup, I’m familiar with that southern thing 🙂
            I sure hope it works for you

          2. No traditional meal but we did have a family of eight over today, Jan. 1 and had a blast. No masks, margaritas down the hatch, beer, sloppy joes, fajitas, penny rustica, bloomin onions, chicken & bacon Hawaiian wrap appetizers, homemade limeade and fireworks.

          3. Southern myth. Black eyed peas do nothing but taste good and fill the belly & cabbage does the same. No such thing as luck in this life.
            “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” True that!

  6. Anyone else notice how the US/NYC New Year celebration was the worst out of all the countries around the world? It’s like we are afraid to shoot fireworks because it may cause a terrorist attack or something. Security over freedom, right?

    Everyone around the world has fireworks exploding like crazy and all we have is the “Countdown KIA” with a few puffs of fireworks on the side that don’t even break the sound barrier.

    Hell, even North Korea had more fireworks over the city than we did.

    And how come they don’t shoot fireworks around the Statue of Liberty anymore? Don’t want people to see our symbol of freedom anymore? (although we know it’s just the Whore of Babylon)

    It’s pathetic. It’s like we spent all our money on the military and Israel that we need sponsors just to pay for our New Years Celebration. It goes to show just how low and dystopian our country has become.

    So sad. Our Founding Fathers are either furious or crying in their graves.

    1. I noticed, NC. It was the worst social engineering I’ve seen in a long time. They couldn’t even let the entertainment and music continue for a while after midnight. It used to go on ’till 2 a.m. This cut off at 12:05. Horrible. It was a KILL PASSION moment. Not part of their taming agenda. I felt rage, sorrow, embarrassment. Celebration usually springs from the human heart. That is their most prized target. I say to all, guard your heart; it will help you fight, and it will always remember how to celebrate when we return to freedom.


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