11 thoughts on “Happy New Year From the Trenches!

  1. Happy New Year, clan Shivley and Trenchers!! Thank you all for another year of resilience, fortitude and resistance. Give em hell this year, no matter how you do it. Just do it!

  2. Happy New Year! And speaking of fireworks… hubby last night set some off to chase away those stinkin’ javelinas. But it was and had been raining, so no fire danger.

  3. I ended 2021 with “Bill of Rights Common Law Explained”. Henry went over and above, allergies and all, to revive the knowledge of men who put their liberty above their lives for individual sovereignty against the tyrant.

    Coming into 2022, I started looking deeper into the Canadian Bill of Rights, 1960, by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms during tenure of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 1982. The difference is who wrote these “laws”, who they serve and how our Natural rights are being manipulated by those who trade in human slavery. In Canada, they started writing those “freedom” documents 160 years after the first and only freedom document of its kind was written by American men who understood the tyrant, and who wrote the check-mate which keeps it 200 miles offshore. The American Bill of Rights, ratified Dec. 15, 1791 is that document. It is the supreme, superior, absolute Law of the land, and it belongs to We, the People! We just need to enforce it.

    I want to know and to understand the history of our North American freedom documents, laws and policies, to be able to know and to check mate the manipulative tyrants now in the process of using “freedom” documents to make policy so they can form the society they want! It is all rooted in their admiralty sea boat pirate ship mentality!

    Fast forward to 2022. We, the People, seek out our own. Thank God for Henry, Laura and the Trenchers. I hear your voices. Happy New Year!

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