18 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From the Trenches!

  1. Beautiful pic.
    But….unfortunately while you’ve been enjoying life with family and friends.
    I’ve been camped out in front of Wal Mart.
    Since 4 a.m.
    For…gulp……..not to sound racist.
    Black Friday…
    I already scored a brand new ipod.
    For thirty bucks.
    Because that’s all the money the dumb@ss had in his wallet.
    When…I robbed him with his new phone.
    Better gobble that turkey up.
    Your gonna miss out on some good xmas savings.

  2. I thank God for Jesus Christ, a wonderful wife and family, a few good friends, for those who enlighten my mind and heart, and for a man with a great sense of humor…thanks Paul for sharing.

      1. Now Katie you never told us you had a wife. LOL

        Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I’m grateful that I found FTT. Blessings to all.

  3. This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all the spineless garbage that called themselves Americans over the years and left this country burned and broken. I am thankful for the legacy they left me. A legacy of a target rich environment.

  4. This is the second Thanksgiving I haven’t spent with my family in over 20 years. It’s kind of depressing, but considering that they’re firmly entrenched in the Matrix, with little chance of escaping ( I’ve done all I could to wake them up), it’s just as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Henry, Laura & all the Trenchers… the only real family I have left now.

  5. I’m sorry for coming to the party so late. Happy thanksgiving to everyone of my trencher family. I love all of you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and bless you all.

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