Has Obama Designated INTERPOL As His Private International Army?

obama-600Occupy Corporatism – by Susanne Posel

In 2009, President Obama signed executive order“Amending Executive Order 12425” which designated INTERPOL “as a public international organization entitled to enjoy certain privileges, expectations and immunities.”

Under Section 1 of the “International Organizations Immunities Act” (IOIA) the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) redefines “international organization” as a “public international organization in which the United States participates pursuant to any treaty or under the authority of any Act of Congress authorizing such participation or making an appropriation for such participation, and which shall have been designated by the President through appropriate Executive order as being entitled to enjoy the privileges, exemptions, and immunities.”  

Under the IOIA, or United States Code (USC) 22, Section 288, the President is authorized to give INTERPOL, “if in his judgment such action should be justified by reason of the abuse by an international organization or its officers and employees of the privileges, exemptions, and immunities provided in this subchapter or for any other reason, at any time to revoke the designation of any international organization under this section, whereupon the international organization in question shall cease to be classed as an international organization for the purposes of this subchapter.”

Going back to the Reagan Era, INTERPOL was empowered by EO 12425 above the US Constitution, beyond the legal reach of federal law enforcement and under the direction of the US President solely – without oversight by the Congress.

The US President, should he be justified by his personal judgment, could make the US “a signatory of the UN International criminal Court” which would lower America’s sovereignty to the judgment of international law; and empower INTERPOL to police the US regardless of any adherence to the US Constitution, current laws or the jurisdiction of federal and local law enforcement.

The Deaprtment of Justice (DoJ) houses INTERPOL. “They are American law enforcement officers working under the aegis of INTERPOL within our own Justice Department. That they now operate with full diplomatic immunity and with ‘inviolable archives’ from within our own buildings should send red flags soaring into the clouds.”

Obama’s alteration to the original EO translates to “an international police force authorized to act within the United States that is no longer subject to 4th Amendment Search and Seizure.”

Under cover of full diplomatic immunity, INTERPOL is not bound to abide by the 4th Amendment or the US Constitution; as well as having to answer to federal agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In 2012, the Canadian military trained for domestic operations in locking down urban populations. The supposition is that a massive revolt could break out as global civilian revolution is believed to be imminent.

Foreign troops have been working with US Armed Forces and law enforcement for years in preparation for civil unrest in America. Back in 2010 in Chicago, under Operation Vigilant Guard (OVG), where Polish Armed Forces not only “observed” urban warfare drills, but also participatedin exercises specializing in detaining Americans during counter-terror drills. According to one Polish major, the exercises were “the next step” in combining both the Illinois National Guard and Polish military personnel in a psy-op campaign to acclimate Americans to seeing foreign troops in the domestic US and gain acceptance for these soldiers assisting local law enforcement in everyday duties.

In Colorado, rumors of Russian troops practicing to deal with terrorist raids and martial law scenarios have been proven correct by our US Armed Forces.

Back in April, Commander Wendy L. Snyder, U.S. Defense Press Officer, stated that: “The Russian soldiers are here as invited guests of the U.S. government; this is part of a formal bilateral exchange program between the U.S. and Russia that seeks to develop transparency and promote defense reform.”

In Oregon, under OVG, NORTHCOM and NORAD joined with the Oregon National Guard and the Portland Police Bureau to train to disarm Americans. This drill included armed soldiers from Bangladesh in connection with the National Guard Bureau’s State Partnership Program (SPP) which forages partnerships with American and foreign troops.

Both Russian and American airborne troops held training exercises that included tactical landing operations with specialized focus on “parachuting, operation planning, reconnaissance, assault operations and evacuations by helicopter.”

Back in May of 2012, mainstream media reported that Russian army paratroopers were in Colorado training with the 10th US Special Forces Group at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This collaboration was agreed upon more than a year ago with the purpose of joining forces in “humanitarian operations such as anti-terrorism measures and disaster relief.”

Lt. Col. Steven Osterholzer confirmed that Russian and American soldiers were conducting anti-terrorism exercises, including firing weapons and practicing parachute drops.

The US Army Military Personnel Exchange Program (MPEP) allocates US soldiers in exchange for officers from foreign nations for the purpose of cross-training due to an international crisis. This provides an international army for the global Elite that will potentially disarm American citizens, and more effectively work with the US military that are advancing the global Elite’s agenda to takeover America in the event of martial law.

Knowing that nearly half of active military will not cooperate with this foreign insurgency, the use of foreign troops begins to make sense. This new army will work with the members of the current US military that will take orders from the global Elite.

Many US veterans, active duty military, members of domestic militias and constitutionalists have openly stated that they will become active for the sake of preserving our Constitutional Republic once martial law is declared. In 1994, former President Clinton signed the Presidential Decision Directive/NSC-25 which states that if needed by the US government; foreign troops would be allocated for the expressed use by the US president to assist the US military, federal agencies and local law enforcement in the event of civil disturbance and necessity of martial law. This request would be directed to the UN and would immediately suspend the US constitution so that foreign troops could be sent to America to take over and work with the global Elite funded military to combat the opposition.

As we have seen through news media and eyewitness accounts, foreign troops are on US soil training with US armed forces in tactical operations, urban warfare drills, and counter-terrorist exercises to combat the expected threat posed by those who will not willingly go along with the lockdown of America. It is estimated that anywhere between 200 to 400 thousand foreign troops have entered through US borders.



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  1. Better make sure they bring plenty of body bags.A troop invasion of the US has never happened before and it will not end well for those that come here to fight against americans.A few rubles a week or a body bag.Not much of a choice.When their buddys get holes in them and start leaking their go juice on the ground i’m sure they will think twice.

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