Health Ranger’s vehicle violently rammed by illegal immigrant asleep at the wheel in Texas

illegalNatural News – by Mike Adams

Most Americans are aware that the Texas border is being overrun with illegal immigrants, but they don’t have firsthand experience in what it really means for law-abiding citizens. Right now, those who advocate this wave of human migrants are living in a fairytale, denying the very real costs on society in terms of education, health care, welfare, public health and public safety.

One of these points was driven home for me in a very violent way today as I was driving in my vehicle. While lawfully stopped at a red traffic light, I was violently rear-ended at high speed by a Dodge Ram truck. The driver, I soon found out, was a very young illegal immigrant who now worked in construction. The kid, clearly of Latino origin, couldn’t have been older than 17, and he told me he “fell asleep at the wheel.” If my car hadn’t been in the way, it turns out, he would have driven head first — fully asleep — right into a busy intersection and possibly caused multiple fatalities.  

It was my vehicle, in other words, that took the hit and blocked Juan from barreling through a crowded intersection at high speed, injuring or killing any number of innocent Americans.

No insurance, no money, no surprise

This kid, who really is named Juan (I’ll keep his last name private), of course had no insurance. The truck belonged to his brother, and his brother didn’t have insurance either. They both worked in construction and were paid cash on a daily basis, completely outside the salary and tax system. I know all this because he volunteered this information, asking me not to call the police and saying that he would pay me back for the damage.

I had no plans to call the police, of course, because everybody in Texas knows that illegal immigrant drivers have total legal immunity on Texas roads. Calling the police would just waste my time and theirs. Instead, I called my insurance company and filed a claim while documenting the evidence of the crash with my camera.

Now, the good news is that I wasn’t seriously hurt in the accident, and neither was Juan. He also didn’t try to flee the accident, and he offered to pay for the damage, to his credit. But this article isn’t about myself or Juan; it’s about the fact that 100,000 more children like Juan have illegally entered Texas over the last few months, and those 100,000 kids are going to sooner or later be driving all over America’s roads, violating all the same rules, and very likely causing a huge number of road accidents while carrying no insurance, just like Juan.

The mainstream media likes to portray illegal immigrants as harmless and helpless children who couldn’t harm a fly. But what they don’t tell you is that these same kids find themselves a few years later behind the wheels of multi-ton vehicles, barreling down the highways with no drivers licenses, no insurance and no legitimate driver’s education. As any Texas Highway Patrol officer will readily tell you, this creates a very real and present danger to public safety.

Illegal entry leads to illegal use of public roads

Many of these individuals, you see, refuse to abide by the rules of society. While other LEGAL immigrants follow the laws and apply for immigration, go through the background checks and wait their turn, the 100,000+ illegals crossing over the border follow no such rules. They believe they are immune to laws and rules, and many carry that belief into their adult life.

Where everybody else on the road buys auto insurance, they don’t. Where everybody else pays taxes, they don’t. Where everybody else gets a ticket for rolling through a stop sign, the illegal drivers get total immunity, even for driving without insurance and smashing into other people’s cars or property. On the rare cases when they do get called into court for a serious infraction, the judges frequently let them off with $10 fines, saying, “They have no money to pay more.”

This is what it’s like to live in Texas right now… or Arizona or New Mexico. We Americans who attempt to live in a lawful, civil society are being overrun by a wave of people who have total disregard for the law and who are being openly encouraged by a President who shares that total disregard for the law.

This is not a condemnation of any person’s race or country of origin. I hold all people in high regard as long as they are willing to participate in a lawful and just society. A person’s country of origin, skin color, religion or even sexual orientation matter nothing to me in terms of judging their character.

What I am wholly opposed to is the rampant runaway lawlessness now reflected across America from the White House down to the illegal migrants crossing the border and hoping to “cash in” on a society running on political handouts.

As a result, law-abiding, hardworking citizens like myself who create jobs, pay taxes and repeatedly donate large sums of money to non-profit causes are subjected to being literally run over on the streets by illegals who demonstrate total disregard for America’s laws and public safety.

And I was lucky in the sense that I have lots of martial arts training and a large, strong body with very high bone density. Had an older, more fragile person been struck in their car the same way I was struck today, they would have been sent to the emergency room. Had children been in the vehicle, they might have been seriously injured or even killed.

Illegals cause far more auto accidents than you might suspect

Of course, it’s true that anyone can be involved in an automobile accident from time to time, but those of us who live in Texas know the truth that almost no one dare utter: it is the illegals who account for a disproportionately high percentage of automobile accidents and fatalities.

They place an enormous economic burden on law-abiding Texans because they refuse to buy car insurance, and they refuse to obey any real rules. They don’t pay taxes but they vote. They don’t buy auto insurance but they drive. With a few simple paperwork forms, they can also collect various entitlement payments funded by American taxpayers.

These are people who refuse to contribute to society but insist on taking from it.

And like millions of other Americans, I’ve had enough of this insanity. It’s time for Americans to secure their own border by any means necessary and stop this relentless invasion by lawless people, many of whom will forever remain lawbreakers in our cities and on our streets.

America cannot afford to pay their “benefits” while carrying the burden of their mistakes and careless accidents. We are a nation of people who are desperately struggling just to pay our own obligations such as pensions for retired city workers and salaries for schoolteachers. Our health care system is in a state of utter collapse; our police officers are vastly out-numbered and out-gunned; and our debts continue to rise beyond anything we can ever hope to pay.

We cannot take on the plight of hundreds of thousands of illegals migrants who for the most part want to cash in on a society they see as a sort of “social lottery.” No matter how compassionate we are in our own hearts, this wave of immigration has serious economic and public safety consequences that we cannot ignore. And those consequences were really driven home for me today when my vehicle was rammed from behind in a violent crash today.

If you don’t live near the border, you may not yet understand the severity of this problem

From a distance, those of you in New York or Oregon (for example) might think this problem seems merely theoretical. You don’t have these illegals driving Dodge Ram trucks on your roads yet. You aren’t dealing with the schools being overrun by children who can’t speak English and thereby pull enormous resources away from the American children whose parents paid for their education via property taxes.

You don’t have the tax burden of paying for the enormous drain on public services necessary to deal with these events. So you can’t yet understand the severity of these issues firsthand. In time, however, as these illegals make their way into your cities and home towns, you will come to recognize the severity of this unprecedented cultural catastrophe. America is being overrun, and they aren’t going to stop at Texas, either.

I am not anti-immigration, by the way. If an immigrant wants to join America through an honorable, legal route that abides by the rules, I welcome them with open arms. After all, America is a nation built by immigrants, and I myself am of primarily European descent, making me a European-American descendant of immigrants.

The difference is that law-abiding Texans like myself contribute to society. We abide by the rules. We carry mandated auto insurance. We pay taxes and create jobs. We give back to society through donations and volunteer service. And we are rapidly shrinking in number. Who will cover all these costs when all the law-abiding Americans have lost their jobs and have been economically crushed by the taxes needed to maintain social welfare programs? Nobody, it turns out. The system will collapse into ruin, and then cities won’t even be able to afford any law enforcement services at all.

I can handle today’s hit, but many Americans can’t

Following today’s auto accident, Juan probably owes me $1,000 in out-of-pocket costs that I will have to pay to see my vehicle repaired. Will I ever receive $1,000 from Juan? Not a chance. So Juan not only rammed my vehicle, he also transferred onto me his financial responsibility for his actions. (The insurance company already determined Juan was 100% at fault.)

Can I afford $1,000? Absolutely I can, but a lot of Americans cannot. For them, $1,000 was their grocery money to feed their family for two months, or it might have been tuition money for a community college so they could pursue a better education. $1,000 isn’t chump change for a lot of people, and every time illegals like Juan smash into people’s vehicles, they spontaneously create these enormous financial burdens that, for many people, can be too much to bear.

Nevertheless, I don’t hold any personal ill will toward Juan, and I’m glad he wasn’t injured. It would have been heartbreaking to have seen him seriously injured, bleeding out in the driver’s seat of his truck. Had that happened, of course, I am always ready with my knife to cut away the seatbelt and free him from the wreckage. I would have given him emergency first aid, called 911 and even administered CPR on him if necessary to keep him alive.

I don’t despise people like Juan, you see. I would go out of my way to save their lives in a crisis. But it is also the truth that people like Juan are a public safety hazard, and they absolutely do NOT go out of their way to abide by the rules of Texas or the United States of America. They do not play by the same rules as you and I. In fact, they don’t play by the rules at all. Because of that, they are a very serious public safety hazard to us all.

I consider myself a compassionate person, but my compassion is not blind. While I will go out of my way to help people in an emergency, I also demand that people take responsibility for their own actions and work to contribute to a safer and more lawful society. That means if people want to drive on our roads, they need to carry the same insurance and licenses as everybody else. Why should illegals be granted immunity from the laws of public roads?

I’ve also concluded that the best defense against any cops is now ridiculously simple: Change your name to “Juan,” ditch your license and your insurance, and claim to be an illegal alien any time you’re pulled over. You will be set free from all speed traps, accidents, driving violations and liability. Illegals are America’s new Untouchables.

Tomorrow Juan might ram into YOU

Today Juan rammed his vehicle into the Health Ranger’s car, and the Health Ranger can take a good body slam and keep on truckin’. But tomorrow Juan might fall asleep at the wheel again and run over your aging mother, or your young child, or your family dog.

What will you do with Juan and his 100,000 brothers and sisters when they start causing YOU loss of property or life? Will you then wish we had secured our borders and enforced lawful entry into the United States of America?

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8 thoughts on “Health Ranger’s vehicle violently rammed by illegal immigrant asleep at the wheel in Texas

  1. While I feel bad for the health ranger his complaining about paying taxes and having car insurance makes me care less about the overall story.

    If you dont like it stop paying for it. Nobody made you drive a car and pay insurance or taxes. In fact I think of you as a f@ckwit FOR paying taxes. Thanks for funding this criminal occupation a$$hole.

    As for your car. that sucks. I use to have uninsured motorist insurance. And I didnt complain I just stopped.

  2. I had one blow right thru my truck about 7 years ago..No licence , no insurance ..and he F’ed up my truck to the tune of about 7 grand and put me in rehab for months

    No compensation for me , I didnt want to go all workers comp on my company due to family owned , I was taken care of , but my company had to pay and my insurance had to pay for my truck repairs( no fault state)

    that friken spic jumped out of that car after it went thru me at 60 hit a fence and up into a houses front porch before it stopped , and he took off took the wonderful police dept over 2 hrs to show that time the spics wife brought him back to the scene of the accident( so he skipped getting nailed for leaving the scene of an accident although technically he did leave lucky i didnt die) , but the dumb cops didn’t do sht to way to get anything out of someone with nothing
    another way of going Gault? I suppose

  3. I was picking up my daughter at work about 5 years ago. On the way home a drunk illegal invader hit my truck and tried to run. I chased them (there were three in the truck) for about three miles and ran them off the road, took his keys out of his ignition and waited for the cops. They got there and gave him the drunk test. The guy was shit faced drunk, but passed the test. The cop knew he was drunk and illegal. gave him three tickets and let him go. Of course Jose Gonzalez wasn’t his real name and I ended up paying for the damage. He disappeared to another state to steal jobs. But I better not drive without a seatbelt or else.

  4. used to work with someone who was put in traction for about a year by a drunk (and I mean drunk to the degree he couldn’t sit strait) illegal driving a 30′ Flatbed truck loaded with concrete landscaping supplies, false name, false id, no insurance, split town right afterwards, cops later found out the drunks name and that he had a stack of warrants for his arrest as thick as a Chicago phone book.

  5. SNAFU. Love it! I was just thinking this morning about changing the name of my home “SNAFU ranch”. Either that or “FUBAR ranch”.


  6. Yep, this happens all the time in Texas and many people don’t realize it. Austin, TX is the king place of that. Illegal immigrants driving without a license, insurance, money, etc. and they get a slap on the wrist while we get put in jail, extorted for money and high insurance rates as well as a police beating or two before slapping the cuffs on.

    It’s insane!!!

  7. No insurance, no money, no surprise!

    This very thing happened to the son of a friend of mine. Her son’s insurance company hired a private investigator to go after the illegal who almost killed my friend’s son.

    What happened to the perpetrator of the accident? He hopped back over the border before they could catch up with him and my friend’s son was the one left being responsible for the entire expense after the accident.
    . . .

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