Hell Bent on a Peasant Uprising

First Published 10-14-10

New jobless claims rose 13,000 this week to 462,000, the highest level recorded in months.  Home foreclosures have also risen to their highest level in months.  I knew things would get better when the recession ended.

All fifty states’ attorney generals are launching investigations in reference to allegations that the banksters have been carrying out illegal home repossessions as they do not have the original loan documents.  The reason they do not have the original loan documents is that in carrying out The Great Housing Pyramid Scheme, the mortgages were put into packages and sold all over the world and in short, they cannot be found.  The states are justly calling for a freeze on all foreclosures.

It is disturbing to see the mainstream propaganda machine, rather than zeroing in on the criminals who perpetrated this scheme, coming out in unison, left and right alike, purporting the assertion that the banksters who violated the law in packaging and selling the mortgages, should be accommodated in some way that would allow them to continue the illegal foreclosures. The only way they can continue the foreclosures short of finding and producing the paperwork is to allow them to continue breaking the law.   The media is trying to get us to believe that the further violations of the law must be allowed as the banksters’ repossessions of the properties has to occur, because if they do not it will cause further damage to our economy.  This is starting to become like a broken record.  Every time the mobsters want to commit another outrage upon us, we are told we must allow it in order to save our great economy.    I say, “Bull feces.”

The media is concentrating their combined efforts in a campaign to demonize the people that are being foreclosed upon who are demanding that the proper paperwork be brought forth before the foreclosures occurs.

Now I guess you could look at this a couple of ways.  Number one, the people being foreclosed upon get to stay in their houses without paying their mortgages.  This would seem very wrong unless you look at it from the other angle, which is the banks packaging of the loans and selling them to other banksters around the world in order to leverage the equity the real property represents.

When the loans were made the equity of the property had ten dollars of lending power for every dollar of true value.  Each time the loans were repackaged and resold the leveraging was compounded; ten becomes one hundred, becomes one thousand.  So more than the worth of the property in reference to the original loans was acquired by the banks through the leveraging, but a pyramid scheme being a pyramid scheme cannot go on forever.

So when the house of card crumbles, who’s left holding the bag?  Well the mainstream media thinks it should be the people who were paying their mortgages right up to the point that the house of cards crumbled, triggering a financial crisis that cost them their jobs, and thus making them unable to continue paying.

I prefer option two, which goes like this, as the banksters involved in the pyramid scheme amassed wealth in amounts that exceeded the value of the real property, in the name of the person that signed the mortgage, and as they were breaking the law in committing fraud, they should have to balance the books using the stolen money and the person who signed the mortgage should get to keep the house as a redress for the civil crime committed against him or her.

Any other course of action would allow the banks to get away with fraud and gain profit in the amounts they have stolen through the leveraging and on top of gaining the profits they would regain possession of the real property (the home); and as they have not only broken the law and gotten away with it, but have immensely profited in doing so, there would seem to be no deterrent for stopping them from doing it all over again.

And let’s not forget the insurance conglomerates like AIG that insure these fraudulent loans because that’s where the profit on these unlawful leveraging, actually comes from as they provide all of the monies that make up the deficiencies in real revenue at the top of the pyramid.  And that’s right; we foot the bill through bailouts and stimulus.

We the people, when it comes to an issue as minute as the seat belt law (a traffic infraction), are held to a standard of zero tolerance.  On the other hand there exists in our country a class of super citizens who can commit felonies without consequence.

In short, the people who have raped our country, destroyed our industrial base, and abused our people think they are corporate lords and that each little portion of our country they control is their private fiefdom.  As for the rest of us, we are either tenant serfs with limited rights if we are lucky enough to still hold property, or we are peasants without property or rights who they would like to be allowed to beat or imprison for daring to speak out against the abuses they are perpetrating against us.

How much more are we going to let them get away with?  I guess if they are hell bent on treating us like peasants we had better start acting like peasants and become hell bent on a peasant uprising.

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