4 thoughts on “Help, my BMW only drives in Daytime

  1. “Help, my BMW only drives in Daytime”

    If you own a BMW I’ll help you into a noose, but that’s about all I’ll do for you.

  2. Sure ,

    So now we are letting what cars people drive divide us..come on…do we need to help them divide us. The government bailed out the big auto in our country, and what did that get us? All cars these days are a globalized hodgepodge of parts, look under your hood. The only choice is the percieved one, and ya I work on them all. If we are to judge people by what they drive, not how they drive- we wind down the same path the lunatics who blame guns for mass shootings do. Cars like guns are tools, period. I can see your point, but I dont see how supporting the big American auto makers is valid anymore. Hell even BMW built a factory in the US, as well as Toyota, and others, while our auto makers move overseas they employ Americans in America..just saying..

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s just a prank call. My favorite part is when he says R is for racing. I’m surprised he didn’t ask where the commode was since there is a #1 and a #2.

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