Henry Confronts Socialists at Occupy Klamath Falls Protest

I attended the Occupy Klamath Falls protest on Thursday.  I, my wife, two of my sons, my sister, and my niece made signs and went to town.  The protesters were gathering in a parking lot and as we joined them a little socialist stepped up and started preaching his socialism, using a piece of chalk and circles on a slate board to show the distribution of wealth discrepancy.

Then he started talking about free education, health care, and housing.  After hearing him call our country a “Democracy” a third time, I interjected.  I shouted the socialist down and made it clear that my Constitution was not going to be replaced with socialism.

It was obvious to see what was going on from the get go.   You had a group of socialists who thought they were going to take over and direct the protest.  You had a group of people the socialists had invited to the protest in order to convert them to socialism.  You had a handful of regular folk who just showed up because they wanted to voice their individual complaints.  And then you had my group.

When I started cussing the socialists and calling them out for the communists they are, the media and their cameras closed in.  It almost came to blows.  But then the socialists decided to get back away from me before my sons and I beat the dog shit out of them.  The socialists wisely shut up and quit voicing their treason and that is what it is, treason.

Socialism is based on the idea of collective rights, which is repugnant to and cannot coexist with the free individual rights contained in our Constitution.

It was about a half of a mile march down to the courthouse and my family spread out, handing out From the Trenches cards, and started talking to all those there who were not socialists and even a few who were.  By the time we got to the steps of the courthouse all those who were not socialists had separated themselves from those who were.  And this was obvious, as come to find out, the socialists who were trying to act like they were just a gathering of people, knew one another on a first name basis.

Then they started talking about forming their committee.  We kept mocking them and laughing at them and telling all those we were talking to to stay as individuals.  Needless to say I do believe the socialists would have preferred that I did not show up.  What I did find interesting is that all the socialists know who Ron Paul is and the people they were trying to turn into socialists did not.  Of course we quickly educated all who wanted to listen.

My sister, my niece, and my son went back to get our vehicle and they were carrying Ron Paul signs.  On their return to the vehicle they encountered many young people, not a part of the protest and all down the street these young people were shouting, “Ron Paul, Ron Paul.”

I’m telling you we have this election in the bag and both the socialists and the neo-cons know it.  Look at the way the protests, which were nationwide and larger than ever, are being minimized in the mainstream propaganda.

The only footage of the Klamath Falls protests that was shown on TV was of one communist girl with her face painted up like a clown.  She was the only one with her face painted and being a little communist, she was used to portray all the people in the march.

I am surer than ever that our people are out there in force and that the mainstream propagandists are making every effort to hide that fact.  The socialists are weak, my sons and I could have whipped every one of them there.  I also have to believe that our people are confronting the socialists when they try to spew their poison.

We are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution and these weenie socialists are going to try to latch onto our power every inch of the way.  But I think they realize that in the end their asses are going to be tossed out right along with the neo-cons and the rest of the corporate elite.

I tell all patriots out there.  You can march with these socialists, but never allow them to attack our Constitution and our individual freedoms and liberties.  Let them know that we will not tolerate their collective communist ideas and that they are committing treason in advocating a system of government that does not allow for individual freedoms and liberties.

I will talk to them in a calm, clear voice and explain why socialism is unconstitutional and in the end I will let them know that the patriotic Americans of the American race will wipe them out in defense of our Constitution.  I would just as soon wait to settle up with the socialists until we have regained control of our government; that is as long as they stay out of my face with their communism.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

19 thoughts on “Henry Confronts Socialists at Occupy Klamath Falls Protest

  1. Would have loved to see that confrontation. 🙂
    I agree. Let’s regain control of our government, then we can settle up with the socialists and communists.

  2. My cousin Robert and I are watching the video from his semi. We are ecstatic that Henry and sons were at the rally. Soon, every truck stop I hit nation wide will be plastered with From the Trenches information. Henry and his family should be all be given the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” for the work and effort they have put into conserving the rights that our forefounders fought for.

  3. You do know that communism and socialism are two entirely different schools of thought, right? I wasn’t sure, because you seem to use the words in your diatribe as if they’re synonyms. They aren’t. Just a little fyi 😉

      1. Yeah, this ism, that ism, they tweak it here and they tweak it there, always under an array of different names, but their goal stays ever the same: To own the world, and to kill or enslave us.

        1. It’s always “that wasn’t true communism/socialism” or “they didn’t do it the right way”. Like there’s a right way to deny anyone of individual liberty? They are afraid of freedom and the responsibilities that come with it. Also, anyone who trusts absolute power in the hands of a government is delusional. Insane!

        1. I dug it up last night.

          With The Captain away, I have more time on my hands so I was perusing the archives, and lo and behold, it’s THE MOTHER-LODE of vital information!! Also, you can see the evolution of minds as more info surfaces and awareness expands. Quite an anthropological study.



          1. That was half a year before I was even posting here.

            Something bizarre just occurred. I tried to access your comment to reply through my email, and twice in a row it told me ‘This site is not secure’, and wouldn’t allow access. I had to use the recent comments’ sidebar.

            Not good.

          2. I had the same issue. I think it’s because the article is so old. I also used the comment side-bar and that worked. But who am I to understand the Gods of technology and all their tricks?


            ps: With all the recent stories of canine cop attacks I was thinking what a horrible thing that is to do to humans. Then I also thought what a horrible thing to do to a dog also, to breed hate and death. And then (bless the archives for the gems they hold) I found this:

            “Forget the Straw Man’s brain, the Tin Man’s heart, the Cowardly Lion’s courage, and Dorothy’s ruby slippers as it was indeed the ignorant primitive dog that pulled the curtain and revealed the Wizard in his true form.”
            — Henry Shivley, 7/11/11



          3. Most excellent point.

            Damn shame that the sheeple ignored what Baum was attempting to tell them.

            Too subtle, mayhap?

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