Here is an ADA disgrace that will happen to all Americans under Obamacare

My daughter just came out of the hospital with Crohn’s disease. The leading doctor my daughter and the operations director doctor all met to have a conference, as to a medication she has to have to cure her problems.

When the paperwork was submitted by the doctors, to MEDICARE AND MEDICAID a letter came back saying the medicine is not important and not needed for her health. Medicare is playing doctor. The doctors told her after seeing the turn down saying not medically necessary for her disease the doctors had a conference and said they will get the medication.  

They also found out the only medications approved is just a weak version and a generic which does not even work

The doctor’s are finding out that the death panel in the ADA is sending orders down through all health programs to cease and to give medicine to people which not only does not work but will cause more harm to a patient.

The doctor also found out that all people that have medical programs are being turned down for their medicine that is needed when they started to look at other turn downs.

I told my daughter to tell her doctor’s to get all doctor’s together and tell obama to stick his ADA act into his fraud ass.

Will see what happens but this is going to effect everyone that need life saving mediations it is happening to my daughter.


12 thoughts on “Here is an ADA disgrace that will happen to all Americans under Obamacare

  1. Service with a smile. “You don’t need no stinking medications.” “Yes, step right this way, out the door!” “You see, we care so much for your welfare, we’ll “Just Say No” to drugs!”

  2. My wife has crohns. Kratom has been a miracle cure for her. Of course since it’s natural and works, the government is banning it in many states.

  3. Aloe vera leaves that have been peeled and chopped in a blender with juice does a great job on anything digestion related. Try it. The leaves cost a buck and they can’t hurt her. Screw big pharma.

  4. Knew someone with Crohn’s and they were cured by an acupuncturist. Turned out they had many food and inhalant allergies.

    1. From Wheat and grains, its all engineered to create allergies, Read “Wheat Belly” I hate the AMA and doctors, but this guy is telling truth.

  5. I gotta an old joke for ya…..
    Obamacare….is so bad…
    Before , when you went to a hospital and you were constipated. ..,
    They would give you an enema to clear your bowels.
    Now under ADA/Obamacare….
    They just beat the Sh! T out of you and charge you $50.00 for a bandaid.
    Did you people ever see the article where this dude was using enemas …then returning them to the store and getting a refund.
    They caught him and he was charged with a biological felony.
    The moral of the story is….
    Always check the safety seal.
    Cause ya never know when something used might be going up your anus.

  6. Mark, I’m sending prayers for your daughter. I hope you find something to cure her that doesn’t involve the mainstream medical establishment. Blessings to you and your family. <3

  7. “… give medicine to people which not only does not work but will cause more harm to a patient.”

    That’s been the case for many decades, Mark. Intentionally.

    All part of the depopulation program.

  8. Just another reason to stay off Medicare… I am 63 and in 2 years I am going to have to decide to either stick with my Christian Healthshare Ministry (which I signed up for to avoid Obamacare and the “tax”) or go with Medicare. Found out if you don’t sign up for Medicare until you are over 65 you pay a penalty for each year you delay it. Plus Part B goes up every year anyway. So, despite the fact that my payroll taxes went into Medicare, I may never sign up for it. Not that I like 501-c3 corps like these heathshare ministries, either… and it’s gonna get harder to maintain health what with the near forced eating or GMOs (mostly corn related), chemtrails, etc….Folks, God help us!

  9. Of course the employees in the District of Criminals don’t have Obama care, they have something much better. They’re special and the rules, taxes and laws they make and force upon us don’t apply to them. The French and Russians got it right!

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