0 thoughts on “Herman Cain on Occupy Wall Street Protests

  1. Herman Cain is the epitome of the word idiot. Obviously his parents never taught him about theft of our nation’s wealth by International Corporate Mafia. This scumbag can go crawl back under the rock he crawled out from under.

  2. And he’s seeking the office for POTUS? Unreal, yet not surprising. He states he does not have facts to back up his beliefs. He would be well advised to get the facts and become better acquainted with the discontent for this is not going away any time soon, but he won’t. He’s playing it up for a certain group as per his agenda and that agenda does not include those on the margins….for now. If he becomes the nommy, then hell yeah he’ll recognize those and anyone else who can put him in the oval. Same as it ever was. That’s what this (imo) is all about and boils down to. True representation within the supreme law of the land, free of the obstructive corporate and monetary influences that have permeated and corrupted the process. That’s mine anyway.

    1. Dave,

      Couldn’t agree more. The worship of money and its consequence of power is destroying the entire world as we have known it. The only thing that has ever been created by mankind to prevent this is our Constitution and therein lies the only hope for the restoration of sanity. We are witnessing mass insanity exactly identical to that of an addict.

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