Hey, Australians, Here’s Some Ingenuity For You

For You Americans, how to make black powder, non black powder propellants, both slow and fast burning, and primers is described in detail in the book, Hatcher’s Notebook by Julian S. Hatcher, Major General US Army Retired: https://archive.org/details/Hatchers_Notebook

How to make saltpeter: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-make-saltpeter

How to extract sulfur: https://www.generalkinematics.com/blog/sulfur-mining-processing-know/

5 thoughts on “Hey, Australians, Here’s Some Ingenuity For You

  1. Aye, to be sure!

    As I always say, if you’re disarmed, there’s nothing easier than a bunch of molotov cocktails to take something down fast. An army of protestors each carrying one can accomplish major damage and cripple the enemy. It’s perfect for diversions and to smoke out or clear out the enemy.

    Sun Tzu knew the power of fire. He devoted a whole chapter to it. If used right, it can decimate an army in minutes.

    And the Aussies need to remember, we kicked the British asses with knives and pitchforks back in the day until we were able to retrieve some guns and ammo. So if we could do it, so can they. It’s all about will power.

  2. They come to the property… you tell them to step right thr f*ck off. I KNOW MY RIGHTS MFKER!! They dont make it to the fkcn front door NO WAY!!! SMOKE FLAME AND HOT LEAD!!!

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