Hidden Wounds: Marine Shoots 2 Marines, Self Dead at Quantico Base

Sad. We need these guys to stay alive.

Before It’s News – by Deborah Dupre

An active-duty Marine shot and killed two fellow Marines at the Corps Base Quantico in Virginia before committing suicide early Friday. While no motive is known or publicly released, it is known that hidden wounds of U.S. military aggression and violence against innocent people link to 18 suicides daily among veterans and suicides kill more American troops than war.  

The shooter and two victims were each identified as active duty Marines. Their names were not released until families are notified.

Sgt. Christopher Zahn toled Fox News that authorities could yet speculate a motive for the killings.

MyFoxDC.com reported that authorities believe the suspect was a staff member at the officer candidate school on the base

Quantico is approximately 40 miles south of Washington D.C.

“At the time, I thought this can’t be happening, I sent a letter the day before to the corporate CEO of the company I was working for and said I will not be in tomorrow. People will be dying and I will be in the streets opposing the war. If this means I’m fired, then so be it. I will not, cannot, act as if this is just like any other day,” wrote Viet Nam Veteran Dan Shea on Tuesday, the 10th year of the war on Iraq.

Shea writes, “Choose the military and you will get three meals a day, a roof over your head and the spoils of war will be yours — sex (rape if you like, a weapon war these days) drugs, money and most of all the ability of the gods’ to hold life and death in your hands. They don’t tell you that if you survive, it comes with a price.”

He also explains:

Ten years ago, you were lied to and those who lied made a profit through the Military Industrial Complex that has its tentacles in every fiber of our economy. It is a cancer that will eventually kill everything on this planet because it has no conscience, no concern for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our very economy depends on it. The war on terrorism is a sham, a sleight of hand, an invisible hand that reaches into your pockets and steals your children’s future. You have indentured you daughters and sons to work off an endless debt servicing the masters’ killing machine. The country you swore to protect has been swindled as millions lay dead, dying, starving or in ruin.

The dead and dying inlcude men and women on U.S. soil.

The Quantico Marine killing of three is only three days after Marines killed seven of their own at a training in Nevada.

A commenter wrote about that tragedy, “Someone was definitely slacking off. If the lot numbers on that ammunition which was being used for training purposes had been suspended, then someone will probably lose a lot more that rank and pay on this one.”

AP reported Thursday “The bodies of the seven Marines killed in a mortar blast during a training session have quietly been flown out of Nevada on a C-17 military transport plane.” (Author emphasis)

At Quantico, authorities entered the barracks where the suspect barricaded himself early Friday after allegedly killing one Marine. They found the suspect dead along with another victim.

Eighteen American veterans per day die from hidden wounds of war that result in suicide.


4 thoughts on “Hidden Wounds: Marine Shoots 2 Marines, Self Dead at Quantico Base

  1. the marine guy said, referring to life after war…”they don’t tell you that if you survive, it comes with a price.”
    SAY WHAT????
    this guy is a veteran of another stupid war,…….and does anyone really NEED to sit you down and c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y and with precise details, actually explain to you the consequences of war? that still needs to happen?
    i simply do not believe that people who have decided for whatever reason to join up and fight another man’s war FOR him, haven’t figured out for themselves the logical possibilities of said actions upon the soul….DUH!
    i am not convinced that someone who has spent months and years TRAINING in the “art of war”, has not also figured out all by themselves, with no help from teacher….that if you commit these types of crimes against defenseless civilians……that gee whiz! blowback is a b!tch! do you think that the saying “what goes around, comes around” was a feel-good, new-agey garbage spouted off by aging and stoned hippies??? that it doesn’t matter?
    well, i guess if vietnam wasn’t enough to convince you, MAYBE you’ll get it now….but i’m not real hopeful about that.
    why waste a web page telling us what we already know……if you take children and rape them in front of their parents, so they will SAY ANYTHING, and go kill some innocents , you know just because the captain says so….but you’re really gettin off on it….well, guess what, wilbur?
    YOUR PROBABLY GOING TO SUFFER NIGHTMARES, and be paranoid in times of peace, you will probably react violently upon hearing a car backfire, and the strange looks people will give you might cause you to see them as the enemy….its all in the duh factor….but they don’t tell you this, because THEY DONT EXPECT YOU TO LIVE LONG ENOUGH…but, you know, if ya do live thru it, well, thems the breaks, kiddo.
    i mean, what DID you expect from the army anyways? THINK!!
    wow. the utter insanity of willful stupidity. i don’t intend to sound totally callous, but my God, people! if ya dont wipe your ass after taking a dump, you really can’t complain if people around you hold their noses as you walk by, can you?

    1. Good rant there kender, but you still got to give the real/unbought off vetran a little credit. I say real, unbought off vet as the one that did`nt join just for a low interest loan or “free” schooling – those are the vet.s that IMHO are the ones bought off. The other vets are the one that got my respect and all the good credit in the world. By the way , I do respect most all of our good vets and I hope others do also.

      1. well, great diggerdan. i applaud your commitment to service well done…..i just hope you remember those words when one of these soldiers returned from the middle east, his conscience erased by the conditions of war, leering in an ugly manner towards any of the females in your clan…..but he’s a veteran, now a fine upstanding police officer. how did THAT happen??
        well, diggerdan, that’s called a consequence of war. unintended, perhaps…(lol, yeah, right!) but nonetheless, ever-present. so, enjoy.

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