17 thoughts on “High School In 1970 Vs 2015. This Is So Accurate It Hurts.

      1. How I (Hubby included) miss the days of our youth…

        “Common sense is not so common.”
        Voltaire, Dictionnaire Philosophique (1764)

        Now, Common Sense seems to be Extinct. 🙁

  1. Look how far we’ve “advanced” Wade. (Not) With the forced inoculation of political “correctness” and the “gay agenda” into the lifeblood of American society, the moral degradation of our, supposedly, non-existent American culture, has reached fever pitch. The fuse is about lit. I’ve had way more than enough and now, many I know are awakening to reality.

    1. Morality must be destroyed for these Fabian socialist to inject their satanic agenda. Drugs,Music and promiscuity is the order of the day.Regardless if more anti gun laws are passed, the media has demonized guns to the point that the average ill informed American freaks out when they see a gun….Sad!

  2. were living in different times brother. Don’t agree with it but it’s life as it is now. Things change. Just like black man goes to High school has his own drinking fountain, white people have there own, now that would be unheard of today.

    1. You just compared the the Second Amendment with separation of people based solely on race.


  3. The first one I can relate to. In high school in 1967 the swim coach asked me to see what was wrong with his starting pistol. I said I would and carried it all day in my coat pocket. The boys dean stopped me in the hall and asked me if I had the pistol and I said I did. He asked me if I thought I knew what was wrong with it and I said he dropped it in the pool and it should just need cleaning and oiled. The dean said ok because we need it on Saturday and walked away. Today it would be a life stretch at Gitmo.

  4. My 1967 high school had a smoking area on school grounds (New Mexico). If you disrupted class or did not do your home work you got “swatted” with a wood paddle. When you got home you strapped your target rifle to the handlebars of your motorcycle and headed to the NRA rifle range to shoot as a member of the Junior Rifle club. When the police pulled you over to ask you why you had a rifle strapped to your handlebars, you explained you were going to the NRA range to shoot as a member. They immediately understood, and sent you on your way.

  5. Very close to the truth! The ultimate threat in high school was getting your school deferment revoked and an all expense paid trip to Vietnam. It worked wonders with even the best of the reprobates and scoff a laws!

    1. No, Pedro has 19 kids, his own reality show, and 4 of his daughters and a babysitter molested by his elder son!

  6. This is ABSOLUTELY true. Not only was this true for the shotguns, but for the deer rifles too. During hunting season, almost every guy at school that hunted did this very thing. The guns would be in the gun rack in the back window of the guys trucks, the doors might not have been locked either. There was NEVER, I repeat, NEVER a single firearms issue at my school in rural Ga. The guys (and some gals) carried knives (some were pocket knives and some where hunting type knives if it was during hunting season) and there were a few people who actually took their pistols to school. Again, NEVER once was there an issue,,, EVER. Today, the whole school would have been locked down, students jailed and a whole team of feds would swarm the school for the emotional trauma the whole situation would have created. Very very sad times we live in now.

    1. I had “Hunter’s Safety” classes before the start of school in 7th grade. We would all bring a long rifle, mostly 22’s, to school for proper gun handling instruction. Then we’d just stow our rifles in our locker and take ’em home when the day was done. No big deal. Oh, how I miss “the good ole days”.

  7. Political; correctness and social engineering was the death knell for this country. Things have been made to change by the traitors in positions of power to fit the agenda we are living in today. The citizens really had no say in it but were simply made to comply. To think we can vote our way out of this is really crazy but many want to believe this too! A malignant government has infected the entire country,and the world for that matter and we are living in the result.

  8. Yep. Scenario 6 is correct. Come to Texas and see for yourself. lol

    Yea, I remember the good old days very close to the 1970s. Now it’s all messed up and everyone’s a terrorist or someone creates an excuse to sue the hell out of everyone and get the others on medication. It’s sickening.

    Good post, Wade.

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