Hillary Clinton: ‘F–k The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner’

News Busters – by Noel Sheppard

Hillary Clinton has long been rumored to be a rather vulgar conversationalist when cameras aren’t rolling.

According to a Washington Post piece about Mark Leibovich’s new book “This Town,” then Secretary of State Clinton once said, “[Expletive] the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.”   

One assumes said expletive was an F-bomb.

The context here was the 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden.

The concern in the White House was that it might occur at the same time President Obama was scheduled to be at the dinner. To wit Clinton’s response.

As it turned out, Obama gave the orders before the dinner, and the raid took place the following day thereby creating no conflict.

As for Clinton’s sentiments about the dinner, they’re not that different than former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw’s who said earlier this year, “[T]here was more dignity at my daughter’s junior prom.”

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6 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: ‘F–k The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner’

  1. A foul mouth to match the foul face that goes with it. Probably swears like a sailor in his cups.

    1. HAHA #1, and I bet if her teeth don`t come out that she will work around that and still have rubber lips. I bet that she is still pissed at her husband? billy boy 🙂 ya know.LOL Aw man #1 I better just shut up eh 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Put her, Pelosi, Feinstein and Napolitano together, and you’d have the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

        Either that, or the ugliest foursome for Bridge ever assembled.

        1. Geeze #1, Ya just had to say that didn`t ya. Ya brought back memories when I took a bet that I wouldn`t – well you know what I`m sayin – sleep with one that wanted to do me and I didn`t know it and I did and It was gross. Man That was years ago. At least I didn`t get any diseases. LOL. She was gross back then but nice now I guess. She could be my wife to tell ya the truth. 🙁 At least she is honest to her ole man Ya know. 🙁 She is a hotty in more ways than one. geeze was I a dumb F`er…………. PS Back on sub. The four horsemen and the apocalypse yea that is nasty. Look at what they are now days and they realy are evil/wicked look and acting. WOW #1 you are dead on right though.

        2. I can “picture” Hillary, Napolitano, Pelosi, and “Frankenstein” all hovering over a witches kettle cackling their next formula of “witches brew” to impose upon us all. Then, in a fit of rage, Hillary accidently yawns and sucks in the other three witches and crunches them up like a handful of Cheetos. Then burps, and holds her chest like she needs a Tums. I don’t know where I’m going with this other than to say Hillary and her beloved hubby, oral office Bill, are two that should be tossed in the dumpster of human waste.

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