Hillary Clinton Injured after Bus Bombing in Tel Aviv

The violence in the Middle East has escalated following the arrival of US Secretary of State Hillary, the baby blood drinker, Clinton.  It is being reported that a bus was bombed in Tel Aviv, injuring ten.  Israel has of course responded by deliberately targeting more civilians in Gaza, killing twenty-seven.

I guess the Israelis needed an event to somehow justify the mass murder they are committing.  You don’t think they would have the Mossad blow up a bus for that purpose, do you?

Hillary Clinton was also injured when Netanyahu bit off the end of her nose, which was inserted so far up his ass that it was protruding from his mouth.

Bigger bombs are being used on the Palestinians as it appears entire city blocks are now being blown up.  I guess if an Israeli is killed anywhere in the world, the children of Gaza are to pay the price.  One thing for damn sure, whoever blew up the bus could not have come from Gaza as it is completely surrounded and experiencing carpet bombing.

Interesting isn’t it?  A bus in Tel Aviv is blown up, injuring ten people and it is called an act of terrorism, then on the flip side a hospital or school in Gaza is blown up, killing twenty or thirty innocents and it is called retaliation.  I guess soulless animals cannot retaliate as this term is reserved for the chosen people.

Just one look into the eyes of the monster Netanyahu reveals his intent.  He wants to kill every living being in the Gaza Strip, bulldoze it, settle, and rename it.  Yesterday I heard several Zionist propagandists remark that Israel had generously given the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians.   Wasn’t that nice of them?

These Zionists are the most violent aggressors to ever plague the Planet Earth.  Just the way they condone their own actions shows the contempt they have for all other humanity.  Their self righteous arrogance is omnipresent and anyone who cannot see it just doesn’t want to.

Turn down your television while the Zionist propagandists are talking about the death and destruction and notice how they are all smiling and how content they look.  These people are diabolical monsters.  They are rabid dogs and there will never be peace on this Earth as long as the rest of humanity allows them to dwell upon it.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Injured after Bus Bombing in Tel Aviv

  1. Palestine’s Gaza Strip has the misfortune to have claim to tremendous offshore gas reserves. If it can be thoroughly destroyed, those gas reserves can be stolen by a certain shitty little country that does things like that.

  2. We have a couple of war mongering maniacs in Congress cheering on Netanyahu as well. Senators McCain and Lindsey Grahm are a couple of Zionist NWO schills that for the life of me, can’t figure how these two get away with as much of the cheerleading for war as they do. They are constantly barking into the idiot box.

    Lindsey Grahm is as dangerous as any terrorist on the planet. He just hides behind his stooges. America must re-think who the hell they have in office, as these two are as dangerous as anything we have ever seen before. Their idea of peace is blow the hell out it first, pick up the pieces later.

    Completely out of touch with reality. Throw these two birds out of office, the sooner the better. Additionally, hardly any mention has come out of their mouths about the two Generals who recently broke cardinal stead fast military conduct rules, and Lindsey Grahm is supposed to be an ex- military lawyer. This guy is a traitor and an enemy to the United States Constitution.

    We talked about this clown earlier


  3. My Fellow Americans:

    This “Bus Bombing” is a 100% Israeli operation.

    If the Mossad and Netenyahu are so willing to blow up their fellow jews with such disregard, that can only mean they are far MORE willing to blow-up you, your family, friends and neighbors with no hesitation or remorse whatsoever.

    Although that may seem like minor observation given that these events are, “over there”, but, as Mr. Schumacher points out,.. the people in OUR gov’t who are making decisions that effect us are nothing more than Israeli stooges,.. traitors in disguise,.. and are committing treason without even a half-hearted attempt to hide their treasonous acts at that.

    In the annals of warefare, when an ememy is to be engaged, and killed to the last, it is signified by a Red -Flag, and is called giving the enemy,.. or traitors,… No-Quarter.

    Just remember the names Mr. Shcumacher has mentioned, as well as the ones Mr. Shively posts from time to time about the traitors in our own ranks.

    When the Civil-War to eradicate our treasonous gov’t begins,… remember to give No-Quarter to our enemies within, as you can surely bet that our own gov’t will seek to exterminate every Patriot, every Fighter, every person who refuse to submit to tyranny, and they will do so with extreme prejudice.

    Once the fighting starts,.. there will not be any room for a “political solution”,.. only complete elimination of the other side,.. .so history has shown time and time again.

    Your options in the near future:

    – Submit to Total Tyranny,… slavery.

    – Refuse to co-operate, and get put on a kill list.

    – Fight!, realizing it will quickly evolve into Total-War, where niether side will give the other No-Quarter,.. meaning,.. it will be a fight to the death for each side,.. bar none.

    The times that will try mens souls is almost upon us,.. screw your courage to that sticking place and damn the torpedos!

    JD – US Marines – I will NOT submit to tyranny, I will NOT submit to slavery!,… I guess that only leaves one option,… doesn’t it?

    1. If you are truly what you say you are..and I’m not doubting you per se, but you have to be careful taking anyone’s word on an Internet site..but if you are…you seem to have the right thought pattern.
      You should be getting any troop members that are ‘over there’ to AWOL and Mutiny!
      THAT is the ‘leaves one option’ you speak of. If that isn’t done, no fighting of ANY tyranny is going to work. Anywhere on this globe.(unless the troops are actually ‘over there’ to make the real ptb yield)
      And the bankers should be part of the movement to do so.
      That is the ONLY option for almost every human on the globe, but it is especially true for the lives of those in the U.S..
      If those two things aren’t done…no ‘fight’, whether non-violent or extremely violent, will EVER work.
      If it IS done, and there’s not much time left to do it, but if it IS done, the hesitation from all facets of tyranny would be enough to crumble almost ALL atrocities and corruption of the human population.
      Give THEM “No Quarter”!
      THAT is the ONLY option we have for survival. Otherwise, we die slowly and painfully.
      Also, if the troops don’t get the hell out of there, the troops will be watching their families and loved-ones die via satellite.
      So yes..most of this is on the military humans like yourself, and I’m glad to know that there may be some that might be able to make the change.
      GET THEM OUT, or we’re all dead. They are only there because of the ‘tyrants’ giving the orders to be there.

      Stand-down and leave from ‘over there’. The tyrants can THEN be dealt with..otherwise, they are still in total control. Period.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  4. mossad blows up a bus for israel to continue genocide. these buses usually blow up in area heavily populated by migrant workers so no jews are hurt.

  5. The following is a short excerpt from a book against Zionism and for me, it explains one of the reasons, if not THE reason why Zionism should be eliminated at all costs and why peace will NEVER exist in Israel and why these constant back and forth cease-fire agreements are all a ploy. It talks about Dayan, the Israeli Defense Minister back in the 50’s who encouraged war and why Zionism continues and will continue to be a threat until it is exterminated:

    “Dayan explained why he was totally opposed – whatever the pressure from the West in general and America in particular – to the idea that Israel should abandon its policy of reprisal attacks. They were, he said, “a life drug”.

    What he meant, he explained, was that reprisal attacks enabled the Israeli government “to maintain a high degree of tension in the country and the army.”

    ….the real point? Without Israeli reprisal attacks and all they implied – that the Jewish state was in constant danger of being annihilated (when actually i was not) – there was the possibility that some and perhaps many of the reservists would not be motivated enough to respond to the call of duty.

    Among those present when Dayan made his remarks to Israel’s three most important ambassadors to the West was the Foreign Ministry’s Gideon Rafael. After he had reported Dayan’s remarks to Sharett, he said [emphasis added]: “This is how fascism began in Italy and Germany!“”

    (“Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews: Vol. II David Becomes Goliath”, by Alan Hart, pgs.176-177)

    After reading this passage, gee….doesn’t this sound an awful lot like America after 9/11. Could this help to further prove that Israel, under the Zionist Jews, had infiltrated our government and created the same state of fear, war and fascism in the U.S. as they had done for over 50 years in their own country? I THINK SO!!!!

    Dayan says, “A life drug”, meaning as long as this Earth exists, the Zionists will NEVER STOP their war on terror. Just like our government, infiltrated by the Zionist leaders, will NEVER STOP their war on terror campaign in the U.S. until they control all land and territory and until all Goyim are eliminated or until the Earth itself is destroyed with them being the last men standing.

    Is this the kind of future that us patriots want? Is this the kind of future that you sheeple who are reading this want?

    If there is any real evidence to indicate that this war on terror is all a hoax created by a foreign power known as Zionism and that Israel had a hand in the 9/11 incident, then this surely gives strong credibility to it.


  6. All of it is nothing but distraction from the real problems facing the globe. Period.
    Do I care about the incident? Yes
    NO humans have to die this way..anywhere…if the real issues are taken care of.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

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