Hillary Clinton On Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

Remember, this woman has zero authority in any pretended government position.

Remember, she is prima facie guilty of high treason, aiding and abetting an enemy, and sedition.

And don’t forget her pedophilic sick in the head husband bit a chunk out of a woman’s face, as he was raping her, and got away with it.

Most of all remember it is all just a production, designed to remove the notion of procedural due process under the people’s Bill of Rights.

9 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton On Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

  1. 400 stolen guns found in Chitcago, Ricin poisonings, talk of martial law, Trumps father lying about how much money he had, so he would pay less tax and move the money to his dummy son illegally?

    Do the math kids, there are private jets running on tarmacs all over the nation right now, so the cowards can bolt out of the US, as soon as martial law hits. They will be televising their BS from the safety of another country.

  2. Yeah, no doubt this is a production as Kavanaugh was a key operative in the cover-up of the Vince Foster murder in which Hillary Clinton (and others) are implicated.

  3. I can’t watch any of this…hearing her voice could trigger a siezure!
    I can’t recall the guy’s name, he was secret service agent on Presidential duty for Clinton. His book described how they would take an entire floor of a hotel, Bill went to his room at that end, the Hildabeast went to her room at the other end, and the women would flow in and out all night long…from both sides!

  4. I’m with you bud. I hear her name are see a picture are her voice I want to pull my eyes out remove my ears . THERE NO JUCTICE till she in a cell

  5. There will be no rule of law TILL the elitist that done the crimes on the world , till there in jail are hanging from a short rope

  6. What…?

    She said…sumptin….

    I heard she was dead ….from 2016.

    Hearing comments from her…

    Is like two serial rapists in a prison cell having a discussion about morals.

    Wondering ….what to do tonight because of boredom.

    Then they get a new cell mate today thatz a pedophile and a virgin azzhole.

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