Hillary Clinton unveils gun control plan

Published on Oct 5, 2015 by CBSN

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lays out her plan for gun control at a campaign event in New Hampshire. In attendance is a mother of a Sandy Hook shooting victim.

7 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton unveils gun control plan

  1. I’m sorry, but Hillary the hideous harridan’s voice is like nails on a chalk board, I cannot take watching a half hour of her screeching. Can somebody write up a synopsis?

  2. Is it Hillary or the double?

    Either way, you can ram your “gun control plan” up your arse, you evil wench.

    CBS is lying about background check requirements, but I doubt anyone expects them to tell the truth anyway. (or is even listening)

  3. This was published Oct 5, 2015 and, of course, SHE LOOKS HEALTHIER.
    We must be very wary of WHEN any “new” videos of Hillary come out as it glosses over Sep 11, 2016 events when she was “arrested?” , “died” or “CGI’ed” or whatever. Lets not allow the memory of that day go down the memory hole.

  4. they have already lost the gun control narrative

    Time to change your tune whore
    No one is going to lay down for this crap as you flood our country with unvetted threats

    We the people are getting ready for the war you are waging against us

    Automatic weapons are going to be the next “law” ignored by the average joe along with registering anything

    And these cry babies have only themselves to blame for the civil disobedience that will rule the day when it comes to any gun laws

    Suck on that you cross eyed POS!

    Oh and BTW I didn’t really hear anything about any “policy”
    And I didn’t hear anything that showed they had any plans
    But I did hear plenty of lies and half truths
    On how people obtain guns legally

    She’s still on that narrative that you can buy a gun at a show or online without a background check

    They have no gun control plan
    She speaks of “executive ” orders
    And those in my book do not superceed our rights and should not be allowed to do so

    Her boat is dead in the water
    Game over .. Your gun control game is done

  5. Even with my iron constitution I only made it to the 2 minute mark. The first minute being taken up by commentary from the jewtalking jews reporter.
    I don’t need to listen to it’s screech. I know what it’s planning.

  6. I’m guessin’ it’s pretty much “Give us all your guns, and we’ll protect you from the bad people.”

    Am I right?

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