18 thoughts on “Hillary Rodham Clinton

      1. OMG, back in a minute, must purge that awful image, peeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! There, all better! :LOL:

  1. Duh, that’s why she became a politician, so she could be among others just like herself.

  2. And this parasite continues to feed on the host!
    how is it even possible for trash like this to even be considered for president? Oh that’s right this is ameriKa now and the laws are only for the little people!

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    What this means is that,.. even for SLEAZE-BAG Lawyers/Politicians,… Hillary,… was to SLEAZY even for them to tolerate!!!!

    Do you get that????

    Is that funny or what?

    This is one pathological liar, calling the lies of another pathological liar,.. to much!!!

    HAhahahaha,… oh my God,… that is to funny!,.. this is how truly sleazy this C*nt is!!!

    JD – US Marines – Hillary Clinton,… bring a whole new level of meaning to the words: Sleaze Bag!!

  4. When Hillary was a Lawyer back in 75 she got a rapist a reduced sentence, a 41 year old that raped a 12 year old!
    and she laughed about it when all was said and done. she knew her client did what he did, he basically confessed to it, but she still worked to get him a reduced sentance
    This woman ( and I use that term loosely ) sold out another woman, a Minor Woman that could not have consented to sex at 12, And needed and expected a legal system to protect her and prosecute the one that did her wrong , Is this really what this country and all of our women need to represent this country?

    A lot of women probably don’t know this, but should..because she is expecting all these women and the uninformed to vote for her ( as if voting makes a difference any more)

    Im sure this story will resurface if she runs, But she probably feels now that what difference should it make

    It makes a huge difference, a person that has that low a regard for another should never be held as a leader or over a nation of laws or and nation for that matter

    shes one sick bit@h, and hells waiting..

      1. thanks #1
        I had to figure it would have been some where on this site , just didnt know how to search it.
        I went by memory of what I heard back than.
        hope I didnt obscure the truth any

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