Hitler Rise To Power: Date When German Dictator Became Chancellor Marked On 80th Anniversary

Hitler In CrowdHaffington Post – by David Rising

BERLIN — On the 80th anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans to always fight for their principles and not fall into the complacency that enabled the Nazi dictator to seize control.

Speaking Wednesday at the opening of a new exhibit at the Topography of Terror memorial documenting Hitler’s election, Merkel noted that German academics and students at the time happily joined the Nazis only a few months later in burning books deemed subversive.

“The rise of the Nazis was made possible because the elite of German society worked with them, but also, above all else, because most in Germany at least tolerated this rise,” Merkel said.

After winning about a third of the vote in Germany’s 1932 election, Hitler convinced ailing President Paul von Hindenburg to appoint him chancellor on Jan. 30, 1933 – setting Germany on a course to war and genocide.

“This path ended in Auschwitz,” said Andreas Nachama, the director of the Topography of Terror.

The Topography memorial is built around the ruins of buildings where the Gestapo secret police, the SS and the Reich Security Main Office ran Hitler’s police state from 1933 to 1945. A stretch of the Berlin Wall along the edge serves as a reminder of Germany’s second dictatorship under the Communists in the 20th century.

Once chancellor, Hitler was able to use his position to consolidate absolute control over the country in the months to follow.

About a month after being appointed chancellor, Hitler used the torching of the Reichstag parliament building – blamed on a Dutch communist – to strengthen his grip on power. He suspended civil liberties and cracked down on opposition parties, paving the way for the police state.

By midsummer 1933, he had declared the Nazi Party to be the only political party in Germany. He later named himself “Fuehrer” or “Leader” of the country.

The fact that Hitler was able to destroy German democracy in only six months serves as a warning today of what can happen if the public is apathetic, Merkel said.

“Human rights do not assert themselves on their own; freedom does not emerge on its own; and democracy does not succeed on its own,” Merkel said. “No, a dynamic society … needs people who have regard and respect for one another, who take responsibility for themselves and others, where people take courageous and open decisions and who are prepared to accept criticism and opposition.”

Following the morning ceremony, Germany’s Parliament held a special session in tribute to those who died under the Nazi dictatorship.

Inge Deutschkron, a 90-year-old Jewish Berliner and writer, recalled Germans celebrating Hitler’s rise to power as she addressed lawmakers.

She remembered her family growing more tense over the subsequent weeks amid worries about Hitler’s paramilitary SA thugs who roamed the streets.

“Often, I couldn’t get to sleep in the evenings and listened for footsteps in the staircase,” she said. “If they were boots, I became afraid they could be SA men coming to arrest my father.”

Deutschkron’s father managed to escape to England shortly before World War II, while she and her mother were hidden by friends in Berlin for the final years of the war.

She recalled most ordinary Germans’ indifference to the fate of Jews, who were forced to wear yellow stars.

“The majority of Germans I met in the streets looked away when they saw this star on me – or looked straight through me,” she said.

And when she visited West Germany’s capital of Bonn after the war, she recalled that most “had simply erased from their memory the crimes for which the German state had set up its own machinery of murder.”

Deutschkron remembered West Germany’s first postwar chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, saying that most Germans opposed the Nazis’ crimes against Jews and that many had helped Jews to escape.

“If only that had been the truth,” she said.


Geir Moulson contributed to this story.


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  1. The rise to Nazi power was created from international financial concerns such as the Rothschild and Rockefeller controlled interests of resources,both economic and political.What too few realize is that both are an illusion.Although the death and destruction we wreak upon each other is a harsh reality.The race for supremecy is threefold.(1)Will people submit to unnatural enslavement?(2)Will people concede the lives of themselves and their children to the powers that be?(3)Will God intercede to change the outcome of such aberrations of his own incarnation?I’m not religious but religion has nothing to do with God.And God has nothing to do with religion.We are all a part of God.Call me a fool.I don’t care.Some feel that Obama will save their asses.We are all a part of God,which we have somehow forgotten,and those who place Obama ,or any single human above themselves have lost all dignity and reason bestowed upon them by birth.Such is the nature of law.And therefore the nature of eternity.None of us will be fortunate enough to escape hell before first striving for heaven,which is more elusive to the human mind than the hell we already know.On top of that I’m sorry to bore you all with my shallow insights as I know you’ll all be too pissed off at tomorrow’s indecencies which will be undoubtebly too numerous to mention.Just keep in mind that God didn’t waste himself on creating fools and that only fools entertain themselves with ungodly things.Cowards die a thousand deaths yet life springs eternal.

    1. Since Hitler was refusing to pay any further war reparations from WWI, and was refusing to have anything to do with usurious banking, especially fractional reserve banking, and seeing how the international Jewish banks merely printed valueless paper notes out of thin air and then demanded real commodities and labour in return for the lending of such false money, he would certainly not have borrowed any money from such people, or his economy would have collapsed again due to rampant inflation.

      And since he would obviously never pay those Jewish criminal usurers back such fake money, and was already in ‘debt’ through refusing to pay any further war reparations from WWI, then surely they would never lend him any money in the first place. What would be the point?

      And surely, with the Jewish false propaganda being that Hitler was ‘their’ agent, that he was purposely intended to lose the war on their behalf, then surely he would never have been in any position to pay any money back anyway. So they would never have lent him any money in the first place.

      Criminal banks that practice usury, especially fractional reserve banking, only lend money to be repaid with interest. Hitler totally refused to engage in business with such criminals.

      The brilliant success of the National Socialist economic system occurred precisely because it did not and would not borrow money from Jewish usurer criminals. Hitler made it quite clear that Germany would trade not in worthless paper, but only in real goods, produced by honest labour.

      Such a system had to be smashed by the Jewish banks of course, lest it’s success be admired and imitated by other countries, and the cash cow of the Jews dry up.

      Without the money stolen by usurious banking, the Jews would have no money to pay their parasitic mercenary armies, so vital to conquer other peoples for the Judaic NWO.

      But the ‘allied’ forces were fooled into defending only their slavery in WWII, and now they are the willing prisoners of the international Jewish banks, whose politicians maintain the 1991 Noahide Laws ready to slaughter all non-Jews in the US, merely for the ‘crime’ of not being Jewish, and that slaughter will assuredly take place because guillotines are already installed on military bases all across the USA ready to do just that, in the event of martial law being declared and the constitution being suspended.

      The Chabad Lubavitcher Jews are very aggressively pursuing their plan to put the Noahide Laws in place throughout the entire world, and mercenary armies will only be too willing to carry out their orders. But first those soldiers have to be paid, and only money stolen through the criminal fraud of fractional reserve banking can provide that money.

      US citizens have had their guns since way before 1991, and yet have never used them for their true intended purpose to defend their liberty against the perpetrators of the criminal genocidal 1991 Noahide Laws, nor, incredibly strangely, have they sought to have those laws repealed, nor, incredibly strangely, have they sought to bar from office any politicians who maintain those laws today, nor, incredibly strangely, have they fought with their guns, that they already have, against such governments who are maintaining such tyranny against them in the US.

      Keeping guns is not enough if they are never going to be used for their intended purpose.

      What if the gun laws are shelved, and then the people keep their guns, but still elect people, just as they have been doing already since 1991, who will carry on maintaining those 1991 Noahide Laws, ready to slaughter all the people who have elected them?

      Something is very wrong.

  2. “The fact that Hitler was able to destroy German democracy in only six months serves as a warning today of what can happen if the public is apathetic,”
    Forget the rest of the verbiage. The only thing of real value is the above statement. The rest of the article is just column filler.

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